CMS, webshop and ticket system etc.

Flex4B - flexible web system
Free updates - Software as a Service

Flex4B - easy, smart and always up to date

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Your new websystem?

The Flex4B system will work fine for many of our customers. The system includes among other CMS, webshop and ticket management system.

About the system


Free updates

Over time we update the Flex4B system with new and better features that automatically will be integrated in the system for our customers.

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Click on the button "See cases" to see how we solve the needs for a representative number of our customers. They have different needs for system facilities.

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CMS, webshop, ticket and card management system

Basicly the Flex4B system consist of 4 subsystems, CMS, webshop, ticket management and card management. We can activate the subsystems choosed by our customer. Furhermore we have a vast library of specialized plugins which we can activate to meet special needs from our customers.

Suitable for a variaty of businesses

The Flex4B system is very flexible and can adapt to a variaty of businesses. Below you can see some examples of businesses we have optimized the system to serve.

Some customer evaluations?

Peder Blak - Old Irish Pub

"Price vs quality is very satisfying. We have no complaints to the service level. Every problem is handled in no time"
Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

Kåre Dyvekær - Sommerland Sjælland

"... Flex4Business delivered a professional and serious service from the start ..."
"... Flex4Business has every time delivered  quick and uncomplicated ..."

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjælland

Flex4B - allways updared

Flex4B opdateringer

The system is always updated without you to be involved - and it is an integrated part of our contract.  Please contact us for further information.

  • Latest version - SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Every Flex4B plugins etc. is kept updated

  • Latest Security - ongoing updates

  • SEO updated

  • New free functions and new features

  • Updated user-friendly features

Websystem with focus on customer needs

Among other it means

  • We can deliver specific functions for you.
  • The system is continuously updated with new functions.
  • We deliver proper support with adequate time to help you.
  • Design can be adapted to your needs.
  • We can fully operate your system, if you want it - Managed system
  • We walk the extra mile to assist our customers.
  • Price and quality are related.
Please contact us for more information

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