Special designed webdesign

Theme made for you - adapted to what you need and to the your audience.

What is a special designed webdesign: "Made for You"?

We set up a webdesign/theme for you - a design which match your expectations and needs and fit to your audience. We will be happy to guide you in the process and work with your own designers.


The cost

We setup a webdesign, working with you - of course the cost will be higher than for our standard design, but you get a much more flexible design targeted for your audience.



A special designed webdesign can be adapted almost 100% to what you wish and what you need. We can make it for you or work with your own designer.


No limitations

When we make a special designed webdesign for you, then we can be super creative and adapt the design fully to what YOU want - with almost no limitations.



When we set up a special design for you, we need a longer design proces in cooperation with you. We can meet physically or virtually online.


Looking for a free alternative?

We have a Standard web design that can be adapted to most needs and comes free with the Flex4B system

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If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact us.

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"Made for You" examples

Below you can see some examples of some of the customers who use a custom web design.
Remember, we can make it 100% according to your wishes, and it can be completely different from the examples below.


Old Irish Pub

We have designed Old Irish Pub in cooperation with their design bureau resulting in a theme which matches their marketing plan, customers and design guide.

Visit Old Irish Pub DK

Sommerland Sjælland

Also for Sommerland Sjælland we have designed a nice special design with special focus on matching their audience.

Visit Sommerland Sjælland

Lindesnes Fyr

Lindesnes Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in southern Norway. Your page is designed with the design of your existing page

Visit Lindesnes Fyr

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If you want to learn more about our system, either the standard webdesign or special designed webdesign, then please contact us.

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