Standard webdesign

Standard custimizeable theme - used by many customers.

What does Standard Webdesign mean?

Our standard webdesign is highly custimizeable. It means a lot can be changed by you ending up with a very different look from page to page although you are using the same theme.

Do you want a Special designed webdesign? we can create a design specially made for Your target group


The cost

Our standard design is at low cost because we don't have to set up a special design for you so we don't need to spend extra working hours.



The standard design can be customized with colours, fonts, font size, links etc.



There is some limitations in the structure and setup - that's why the cost is lower. If the limitations is a problem we can deliver a special design for you.


Design proces

The design proces is shorter. As starting point we don't need lots of meetings as there are fewer things to agree on.



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Setup examples

Below you can see examples from some customers using the standard webdesign.

Mind Your Feet

Mind Your Feet

Mind Your Feet - Copenhagen Footcare have used our standard webdesign to create their own personal groovy style.

Visit Mind Your Feet

UG Polering


UG-Polering has used our standard webdesign to create a simple one-pager website

Visit UG-Polering



Økonomirådgivningen has used our standard webdesign desiring a traditionel and easily manageable website.

Visit Økonomirådgivningen

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