Our system is integrated with many other systems


Our system is built up flexibly with plugins, and we have integrations for a lot of other systems, and more are added continuously

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We have plugins that communicate with many other systems

For example analysis systems, social media, accountingsystems, POS / checkout systems, SMS services, other SaaS systems, EAN systems, payment systems and many more

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We offer an API so that other systems can "talk to us" and gain access to selected data in a secure way.

We can create plugins and integrations for systems we don't already have, and it's cheaper than you think.


Special requests?

It is not a problem in the Flex4B system.
We have an extremely flexible system which means that you can have it customized and have it communicate to other systems in many different ways. The flexible system make sure that you still have all the advantages of a SaaS system with e.g. free updates even with custom made changes.

Non-binding meeting

Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more about the integrations and plugins we have for the system. We would be happy to have a non-binding meeting with you

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Our API makes it possible for all systems to communicate with the Flex4B system, and we offer to make integrations/plugins that enable the Flex4B system to communicate to the systems you use

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