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We will be happy to tell you about our system and evaluate how it can benefit you.

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If you want a free and non-binding meeting, fill out the form below. You can also just contact us if there is anything else.
You choose whether the meeting should be physical, online (eg Teams, Meet, etc.) or we should call you on phone.

Feel free to call us as well: +45 69 10 12 14

Why booking a meeting?

If you have a need for e.g. ticket management system, webshop, season ticket management  system system and / or CMS, we would be happy to have the opportunity to demonstrate how the Flex4B system benefit your business and solve the needs you may have.

What does it cost?

A meeting is basically free of charge if you need our systems - even if you don't choose to order a solution.

We look forward to hear more about your requests and needs.

Our team will help you

We would very much like to see if we can help you.

As a back-end developer, Kim can ensure that the system knows the things you need. Jeanette, who is a designer and content specialist, can help with graphic design, content and online ads, while Glen as a front-end developer can ensure your website is sleek and functional.

Thus we help you all the way through to fulfill your goals.

What does it take?

You do not need to prepare a lot.

In the first talk, you tell us a little about your needs, and we will assess whether our system will be well suited to fullfill your requirements.

If we find it will, we will guide you further, show you the system, and help ensure you get the most out of a collaboration

For us, happy customers are the best advertising.