We offer a smart and easy solution for agensies


CMS, Webshop...

We deliver CMS, webshop, Ticket Management System, Card Management System and much more.

It will cover most of your needs related to sales.

You are in control

In the administration module you are in control of which elements your end user can access. 

No problems

Get rid of al the hassle. We ensure everything always are updated - continuous improvements and a great support.


We deliver to you and the end user is yours.
Therefore we can deliver on your terms.

Your benefits

Below some benefits you get by using the Flex4B system

No technical problems

We ensure the system always is updated, take care of security, ensure technical SEO is up to date and add continuously new functions for free.
Further more we deliver a professional webhotel, SSL, payments solutions, SMS solutions and what else is needed. 

Your end user

We want a good and trusting collaboration, so we fully understand you are caring about your customers.

Therefore you can also cooperate with us in several ways from that we invoice your end customer to we only are invoicing you. No matter what, we always consider you end customer as YOURS customer.

Make profit on design

Our system enable you to set up a design for your customer.

We can deliver an empty shell so you can set up the site for your customer easy and simple, using drag and drop. No tecnical skills needed. You have the profit on delivering the design.

Make profit on communication

As a communications agency you have great opportunities for making profit on making professional content and handle the communication on the website.

We also can set up a website where you deliver content and design (still no technical skills needed).

Make profit on SoMe and advertising

As standard our system support various tools for advertising. Among others Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, campaign pages and much more.

So it is easy for you to generate additional sales in this area.


We have more great systems in one system - CMS, webshop, Ticket and Card Management Systems. Further more a lot of plugins which means the system can be extended with a lot of functions.
If yout customer has special requirements you can always get a quote on the functions needed to meet your customeres requirements. You can then base your quote on the quote from us.

Always know the cost

We deliver a price list as soon as we have approved you as our customer and we are happy to give price examples ensuring you have basic knowledge of the cost.
For special requirements we can always give you a quote you can use as base for the quote to your end user.

Quality is not necessarily very expensive.

Great support

You can always expect great and competent support from us.

We will always give a useful respond. Depending on  the agreement (based on your demands) we support you directly to your end users.

We have an attractive support for agencies.

See some cases with examples of sites

"A great alternative to Wordpress for agencies"


Flex4Business delivers software to the agency and is reponsible for all technical operations.

Agencies can get many price benefits and the setup of the collaboration can be done in several ways (see next section).


As an agency the system will benefit you - webdesign setup, content, marketing, social media and other services for the end user.

As agency you will have a lot of benefits.


Your customers are solely yours. That means you can choose us to bill your customer directly but all all sales requests from your customer to us will be referred to you.

How to get started?


The form

Fill in the form below, and we will be have a dialogue about a possible collaboration.



When we agree on a collaboration we will set up a contract with mutual benefits for both parties.



We set up a course and you get a permanent contact person so you can practice using the system-


Start sale

And now you can sell the system together with your other sevices

Do you want further information?

Contact us with no-obligatons so we can talk about about a possible collaboration - it may be at phone, online meeting (Teams, Meet etc.) or a physical meeting - it is all up to you.

Requirements for collaboration

We want collaboration wih agencies, regardless of size of the agency so we don't have a long list of requirements. Buy of course there are som things to adhere to.

Agency or equal business

You must run a business equal to an agency.
It can be in design, communication, digital marketing, SoMe etc.
In other words a business with CVR, relevant concerning sale of websites.

No obligations

You are not obliged to sell a fixed number of sites per year and buy anything to get started.
If you are selling zero it will not have any economic significance. But of course we hope you will have success selling a lot - we are ready to help you to have success.


We want to collaborate with people dedicated to our system. And we require you don't sell other websystems with same functionality as we offer.

Big or small

Regardless if you are a new entrepreneur or you are owner of a big business, we will be there to help you and offer our services according to your needs.

Good collaboration

We expect you to be ready for a good and healthy collaboration which means:

- We are talking nicely about each other

- Mutual honesty and trust (also regarding customers)

- Dedicated to the system and its possibilities


We expect you to be serious, ready to learn how to use the system and deliver a good and professional service to your end-users.

We want satisfied customers through the complet chain where our system is used.