We care

Flex4Business proudly supports associations and more.

Flex4Business ApS support...

Flex4Business ApS supports locally in the countries where we have customers and causes that help around the world, e.g. against cancer

Beside supporting for example The fight against cancer, The Heart Association and small causes, we also do a lot to look after the environment

The fight against cancer

We support the fight against cancer in different ways.

We have supported the Danish Cancer Society since 2016 with DKK 10.000 every year
In 2023, however, we have chosen to support with a total of DKK 25,000
We have also supported the fight agains cancer in other campaigns etc.


The Heart Association

We are supporting The Danish heart association as a business partner

Every year, beginnning from 2021, we have supported with DKK 7000.


Local life

We also support others, e.g. locally. It is basically a lump sum when help and support is needed.

It may be small associations that need help, such as sports clubs as shown in the picture

But so can different collections in the countries we sell to as well as for global purposes


The environment

At Flex4Business ApS, we are constantly working to improve the environment through the measures that are possible.

We have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) page where we share what we are doing for the environment in terms of our workplace, daily life, energy consumption, server center, and our customers' products.