Web design

Many options for a nice responsive web design in the Flex4B system

Web Design

Flex4B® system offers a "Standard design" which can be customized on many levels and works really well for many customers. This way, you can get started quickly, and there are only a few limitations, for example in menus.

However, we also offer "Made for You", tailored for you as a customer, which provides almost infinite possibilities.

You can see examples under our Cases of both, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Standard Design

Standard web design

Our "Standard design" is a highly customizable design, making pages very different, even though they use the same theme. Colors, sizes, placements, fonts, and much more can be changed.

The standard design is included in the Flex4B price and does not cost extra.

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Made for You

Custom web design

With "Made for You", we create web design for you, which can be tailored exactly to your wishes and needs, and not least to your customers.

We are happy to guide in the process, and also work together with your own designers to create exactly the design you want.

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Sustainable Web Design


We have written a blog post about sustainable web design, which is also something we offer to our customers 
So if you are interested in making your new web design sustainable, we are happy to help with that.
If you need a ticketing system, you can also see why Flex4B is a good option in our blog post about environmentally friendly ticketing systems

You can also read more about sustainable design in an external article if you wish