When only the best support is good enough

Our customers love our support

At Flex4Business, we know that the best way to keep you as a customer is to provide super good, fast and competent support. That is why we solve all challenges quickly

Our system is super easy to use and you have help videos available so you rarely need support. But when you need support, you will experience fast, quality support

Fast support

Our customers rarely wait. We answer emails throughout the day, including evenings and weekends. You can also call us and we have a help desk.

Quality support

No call center - only competent support that can help you with your challenges and where you get help quickly

Can help with anything

Flex4B is a SaaS system we have created from scratch. We can therefore provide better support and solve challenges much faster than with, for example, open source systems. We can also make extensions cheaper.

Special support needs

If you have special needs for support that cannot be covered by what we offer, we can always help with a solution that suits your needs.
Feel free to contact us to find out more

What do our customers say?

Peder Blak - Old Irish Pub

"Price vs quality is very satisfying. We have no complaints to the service level. Every problem is handled in no time"
Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

Kåre Dyvekær - Sommerland Sjælland

"... Flex4Business delivered a professional and serious service from the start ..."
"... Flex4Business has every time delivered quick and uncomplicated ..."

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjælland

Your benefits

No technical challenges

Should you have a technical challenge or need help, you will always get fast help

No long support calls

We do our best to help you with the challenge right away so you don't have to waste a lot of time

More support options

Possibility of email, helpdesk, phone and online meeting support. We can also take over your computer via Teamviewer and help that way

Help page for customers

We have a help page with video guides that can help with most things in the system.
Here are also support links etc.

Focus on your business

Good, fast and competent support gives you the opportunity to spend time on your business, and it increases job satisfaction and the earnings.


We are very flexible, and should you have special wishes or needs, a solution can be made.
Feel free to contact us to find out more

Existing customer

You will find the Helpdesk and link to our support page etc. at the top right of the Flex4B system.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and you will receive an answer quickly.