Ongoing FREE Updates

Flex4B - a SaaS system that is always up to date

The Flex4B system is constantly updated

The Flex4B® system is continuously updated in many areas without you having to do anything - here are some of the areas we ensure are updated


You will continuously receive new free features for the system. These can be things that make everyday life easier for you and your users/customers, as well as new options that, for example, help with upselling.


The Flex4B® system is constantly updated regarding technical SEO, so you don't have to know about it. The system also helps with SEO in terms of content. This means you can use your energy where you are best.


The system is continuously updated in terms of security so you can be completely confident. This can be seen at SikkerPå, where we have a high score of 94+ (we can be 100, but due to old browsers, we deliberately stay at 94%).


Since our system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system used by many customers, we can make good initiatives that continuously ensure user-friendliness both for you and your users/customers.


Our system is scalable and offers a lot of integrations, plugins, and customizations that are offered to our customers. We keep them updated so you don't have to worry about whether the integrations you use work.


We keep code, database, frameworks, server, and the rest of the entire technical setup up to date, and ensure that the system is adjusted so that you always have a modern system that meets the latest standards.

Newsletter with updates

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive news from Flex4Business ApS once a month. These include, among other things, the last month's new features and updates.


The newsletter is sent out once a month. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

Content Overview

The newsletter brings you updates on new features, important changes, interesting blog posts, and updates to regulations.

Target Audience

This newsletter is targeted at customers who use the Flex4B system, which is developed by Flex4Business ApS. It is not of interest to others.

How often is the system updated?

We often update the system - the numbers below are the average taken from an entire year. This includes a calendar year that also includes periods with few updates, such as Christmas/New Year.

1.5 / week

An average of 1.5 major updates per week throughout the year (e.g., new features)

20 / week

About 20 minor updates per week (small fixes, framework updates, etc.)

Do updates affect operations?

Updates do not affect operations. You will not notice when an update is applied, and you can continue working as usual.
If an update requires something else, it will be communicated and typically applied at night.

You will experience that the system gets better, but we don't change a lot while you work. Often new things come with the option to turn them on and off, so it doesn't affect your operations. You will just experience a modern, secure, and stable system.

Secure Update - How?

Even though we have many updates, you don't have to worry about getting an unstable system. 
We run extensive tests, and for larger updates, we always have several people involved in validation. Both automatic and manual tests are performed.

Step 1

We create a new branch in our development environment. A branch is, roughly speaking, a copy of the system where we can develop the new feature without affecting the rest of the system.

Step 2

When the feature is fully developed, the latest version is fetched into the branch, and the feature is tested in the branch.

Any errors and shortcomings resulting from the new feature are addressed.

Step 3

When everything works in the branch, the content from it is moved to our development environment.

Here, it is tested again, and any minor errors are addressed.

Step 4

We can now push our new feature to our test server.
Our test server has a virtual setup with all our customers, and more in-depth tests can now be conducted concerning the various customers.

Step 5

Then, testing can be done directly on our test server.
Here, it is tested one last time to be on the safe side.
The test server is set up exactly the same way as the real servers.

Step 6

Finally, the new feature is pushed to our servers and thereby to our customers' real systems.
A final manual test is performed here - the size of the test depends on the size and complexity of the feature.

Use your resources wisely

With the Flex4B system, you only need to focus on your business. Besides continuous updates, we also take care of the following.

Secure Green Hosting

We handle the hosting of the system, ensuring it is stable, fast, and secure, so you don't have to worry about this part. Additionally, we use a server center with green power.

Good Support

At Flex4Business ApS, good support is highly valued. Therefore, you always get quick responses. We don't use phone systems or call centers, ensuring you get a competent answer to your question.

Flexible Product

From a pure content site to a full ticketing system with webshop and card system. Our system can do a lot and is scalable, and we are happy to customize it to your needs and wishes.