Online Ticket Management System

Handles ticket from sale to validation - of course with sufficient statistics.

Online Danish Ticketing System and Web Shop

The Flex4B ticket system is the ultimate solution for managing ticket sales and season passes. With a single integrated platform, you have everything you need to run your business. The system has an easy and user-friendly webshop, a CMS to manage your content and a pass system to handle your season passes and annual passes.

The Flex4B ticket system is the optimal solution for businesses that want to save time and energy. You can focus on running your business and let the system take care of the heavy lifting. The integration between all parts makes it easy to monitor and manage your ticket sales, season passes and annual passes, and of course we have plenty of integrations with other systems

Scannings system

All you need

Our Online Ticket Management System has many functions - here we describe some of them.


Arrival at different points in time

If customers have a barcode with for example 5 tickets it is possible for the group to split in 3 and 2 persons. The barcode counts automatically down so the system always are in control. If using elctronic ticket the number is updated.


Full control

As administratror you are in full control in the scanning system. Detailed statistics for each scanning is available. You can set up your own statistic procedures, check barcodes, mark them as used, regret "mark as used" etc.

Administration - scanbrugere og steder

Users and places for scanning system

You can setup different locations for sale/control of tickets and  setup users responsible for ticket control. Then you can see statistics for what is scanned and where. As Super Admin you can follow every scanning and look them up.

Mange produkter

Not tickets only

We have a product type for tickets with barcode but also for products with barcode. Functionally the two systems is almost alike but each are customized to thei specific function and will also be used for statistics. This opens up for sale other categories e.g. food and drinks, physical commodities, suvenirs etc.

Scan fra mobil

Scan from smartphone

With our system you can scan from a smartphone and there by check tickets where ever you are.
Of course you can also use a scanner connected to a PC or a cash register/POS, if supported.


Easy start

You can start op with practically no equipments - all you need is a smartphone or a PC. But our system also support big setups scanners, computers, POS etc.
We will help you thru the whole process regardless of you have a big or a small setup.


The ticket system can be integrated with all our systems, and many others

Mange produkter

Our systems

The ticket system always comes together with our CMS (whether you have your actual website with us is also up to you) and typically also always together with our webshop. In addition, you can easily get our card system on too, if you need season tickets, for example.


Plugins with extra functionality

We have many other plugins that can be added to the scanning system. Here you can e.g. mention partner sales, where large quantities of tickets can be sold through partners as well as product gift cards, which can be made in the administration and sent as a pdf or print.

Scan fra mobil

External systems

We have API if other systems need to talk to the Flex4B system, and we also offer to talk to other systems. So the possibilities are great.
We also offer to make plugins adapted 100% to your needs.

How it works

Our Online Ticket Management System - easy to use - advanced - reliable.


The customer buys tickets or other products which are scanable in the webshop.


Tickets with barcodes are delivered to the customer. They can be printed or showb directly from a smartphone.


Ticket are scanned directly from smartphone or on barcode scanner connected to a PC or from a POS device.


The system validates validity and show if the item is approved or rejected - if rejected with a message showing why it is rejected.


Barcode can uses as long as tickets are available. Also elesctronical barcodes are updated automatically.


Statistics can be viewed and exported. You can keep track of the number of scans in selected periods, and you can set a lot of settings

More about the system

This page has specifically described the ticket system and what is conatined in the ticket system.

But you should also read our general information about the system.

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If you need more about our support or how to get a managed system you can read about on pages dedicated to these topics.

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