Professional stable, secure and fast hosting of the Flex4B system

Professional hosting - always included in Flex4B

Professional hosting are always included in the Flex4B system. We are focussed on stability and uptime - many of our customers are depending on that our servers are online and have quick response. It also focus on delivering by using green electricity

EU data

Data in the EU

Our data for all our European customers are stored in the EU and does not leave our servers. Data is saved according to GDPR

100% uptime

100% uptime

Our uptime has been 100% for the past year since this text was written. We do a lot to ensure stable operation.

Green power

Green electricity

The server center is working on being able to run on clean green power, and already now it runs on 100% green power for periods.

24/7 overvågning

24/7 monitoring

The servercenter is monitored 24/7 by a technical staff. If problems arises the staff can quickly remedy the problems.

Argon gasslukningsanlæg

Argon Gas Extinquishing System

Should a fire arise the Gas Extinquishing System will kill it immediately without harming the servers.

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001

Follows the international safety standard ISO 27001, which is also approved for government authorities due to the high level of security

Hurtig backbone (internet forbindelse)

3570 GBit backbone in the center

A huge backbon of 3570 Gbit ensure fast communication. Updated when needed.

Redundant forbindelse

Redundant connection

Redundant fiber connection ensure continuous access - even at cable damage.


DDOS protection and Firewall

Efficiently DDOS protection and Firewall secure data and stability

Diske i RAID

RAID for backup

All disks connected to our servers are SSD and operating in RAID which means data are always backed up.

Fejlrettelse tekniker

Quick error correction - technical staff available 24/7

At hardware malfunction the tecnical staff will ensure hardware is replaced quick 24/7.

Daglig backup - data hjerte

Dayly backup

There is a daily external backup of the servers - we can deliver a specific backup for your system.


Video surveillance

The whole data center has video surveillance - indoors and outdoors.

Kodelås på døre
Doors with code locks

Doors in the data center is protected with code locks, ensuring only approved staff has access.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning ensures servers always are operating in room with the recommended optimal temperature.

Redundant power

Redundant power

There is redundant power to the server center, so if one line is damaged, another will supply the server center with power

Diesel generator

Diesel generator and UPS

UPS and diesel generator ensure that the data center can continue to run, even in the event of prolonged power outages.

Server hardware

Quality hardware

Our server center uses quality hardware intended for servers from recognized manufacturers, and there are always plenty of resources

Safe on the Internet


The Flex4B® system provides you with a secure system. Our hosting, servers, and DNS are kept up to date, ensuring a score of 100% on The safe online service or 94% if you want to support old browsers.

This is higher than most in the market

sikkerpå is a collaboration between, among others, Danish business,, the Danish Business Authority, the Center for Cyber Security, etc.