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Sommerland Sjælland


You can visit the website and webshop of Sommerland Sjællands with sale of tickets, season cards etc.

Visit Sommerland Sj.

Proven system



Throughout a season (Number: 2022)

We are always there


Customer-specific adjustments

Sommerland Sjælland has had many adaptations made, and the system today also talks to several partners via API

Happy customers


The year they became a customer

We are proud to have been with them almost from their online start

How can Flex4B help?

The Sommerland Sjælland website from Flex4B make it easy for the staff to edit, setup and delete content.

We have delivered specific modules to be used in the design - the theme is constructed collaborating with their designer to fully meet their desires.

Sommerland Sjælland have a webshop on the website to make it possible to place products in categories or directly on pages with other content, to make buying easy for customers.

Sommerland Sjælland are selling tickets, seasonal cards, food/beverages and other products.

Sommerland Sjælland also use our gift cards, promotion codes, partner ticket plugin and many other modules in the shop to let them benefit of more options. It both generate additional sales and make customers happy.

Ticket Management System
Sommerland Sjælland use our Ticker Management System to check tickets by access at the entrance and for delivery of products - and beverages - bought in different stalls anywhere in the park.

At Sommerland Sjælland we have delivered an integation to the POS making it possible to scan the products directly on the cash registers.

Seasonal Card Management System
Sommerland Sjælland are using our Seasonal Card Management System. They have chosen to let out physical seasonal cards to customers as a personal memory from visitting the park.

Seasonal cards can be bought on their webshop from home and filled out with the required information and picture, making the cards ready for print at arrival to the park. Cards can also be bought at entrance (integration with POS) and then the computers, lined up with our system, make it possible for the customers to scan the barcode and fill out required information and make photo.

Kåre Dyvekjær, Sommerland Sjælland

"We were planning to start up a webshop from scratch. Flex4Business helped us in a serious and professional way to clarify which building blocks were needed. Flex4Business was able to setup these building blocks one by one to fit the webshop for exactly our needs.
From a webshop with one type of product, we have, from season to season, been able to extend the assortment and content having a close dialog with Flex4Business, that always has being helping us to follow the right way relative to possibilities and user-friendliness. Simultaneously it has been important for os to keep an overview  of time horizon and price for individual elements, giving us a possibility to select and deselect modules. Flex4Business has delivered the system elements quick and uncomplicated from time to time, making it possible to move on."

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjælland

About Sommerland Sjælland

Sommerland Sjælland is the greatest summer amusement park at Sjælland with a lot of rides, eateries, animals and a huge water park.

Sommerland Sjælland are targeted to todlers and younger kids, but have amusing activities for all in a family.

Also there is a variety of different events in Sommerland Sjælland thru the season.

Flex4B: CMS, Webshop and Ticket management and Card Management.
Professional webhosting.

Theme/webdesign are devellopped to Sommerland Sjælland in collaboration with their designer from Echo design - also we have delivered special designed plugins.


Old Irish Pub


You will find Old Irish Pubs in many countries including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Spain

Visit main site for Old Irish Pub

Visit Old Irish Pub country sites


Flexible system



6 languages: English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish and Dutch

Reliable system


Guests per year

Many visitors, also on the website and webshop

Scalable system


The year they became a customer

Since then, they have grown explosively, and we are happy to be on the journey

How are Flex4B helping Old Irish Pub?

Old Irish Pub are using the Flex4B system with a plugin for departments - which means every pub can have a proprietary small site e.g. with opening hours, music program etc.

Old Irish Pub also wanted us to collaborate with their designer setting up a special design, adapted to their business and marketingplan. So we delivered a theme according to this,

They have plugins associated to music program, opening hours etc. making updates fast and easy.

Sales from Old Irish Pub webshop
Old Irish Pub has a webshop associated to their website. The webshop at Old Irish Pub website is set up for guided purchases because the customers often buy one thing at a time.

As an example Old Irish Pub are selling tickets for Christmas Lunch, New Year's Party, October Party etc. from the webshop. Which means the Ticket Managemnt System also are integrated.

Also drinks packages etc. are part of the product. Old Irish Pub has seen an explosive growth in sales since we delivered the setup-

Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

"Price vs. quality are perfectly mathced and with regards to the service level there is nothing to complain about . Everything is handled in no time."
Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

About Old Irish Pub

The Old Irish Pub is the greatest chain pub business in Scandinavia. In many danish cities you will find Old Irish Pub. Further more you will find many Old Irish Pubs abroad e.g. in Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Spain.

The Old Irish Pub is for an adult audience and you can find any arrangements from night long dance with 80s and 90s hits to the greatest sports events and also live music arrangements. 

Flex4B: CMS, Webshop (arrangements) and Ticket Management.
Professional webhosting.

Theme/webdesign developed to Old Irish Pub in collabortaion with their designer. We also delivered specal developed plugins.


Danish, English, Norwegian, Dutch, Finish and Spanish.

Lindesnes Fyr


At webshop Lindesnes Fyr (Lighthouse) you can buy tickets, seasonal cards, events, books, food and much more.

Visit the Lindesnes Fyr webshop

Many options



More than 170 products - in addition to tickets, there are also books, games, clothes, posters, food, drink etc.



Guests per year

Lindesnes Lighthouse has both the lighthouse museum, Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum, ship and underwater lighthouse garden

Internationally adaptable


The year they became a customer

We enjoy visiting them at their beautiful location in Norway and are happy to have them as a customer

How are Flex4B helping Lindesnes Fyr?

Lindesnes Fyr had a website that they wanted to expand with a webshop from which they could sell their products.

Lindesnes Fyr had specific design requirements, something simple and traditionally making it easy for customers to buy their products.

Lindesnes Fyr has a variaty of products they want to sell - both physical items to ship, tickets, seasonal cards and much more.

Further more Lindesnes Fyr needed a description of items in both Norwegian and English, although not having all products shown in the translated version.

About Lindesnes Fyr

Lindesnes Fyr is located in a beautiful nature at the southermost point of Norway.

Lindesnes Fyr has a lighthouse, a museum, lots of activities, exciting food and beverages and an unique history. 

Lindesnes Fyr are selling tickets, seasonal cards, events, food and beverages and much more.

Flex4B: CMS, Webshop, Ticket Management and Card Management.
Professional webhosting.

Theme/webdesign is developed for Lindesnes Fyr collaborating with the staff to ensure it matched their existing design. Also including special developed plugins.

Norwegian and English.

Other clients

We service a wide range of customers who use our system for CMS, webshop, ticket system, card system and the like. Featured below are selected examples, not based on functionality, but to demonstrate the versatility of design and styles our standard design offer without the need for customization.


Gårdhaven Streetfood

Gårdhaven Streetfood offers tasty experiences in Odsherred, close to Sommerland Sjælland

Customer since: Start-up in 2022


Camp Minigolf

Here you will find the coolest minigolf course in town with 18 holes, where the atmosphere is always great and the beer is always cold

Customer since: Start-up in 2022



The history of Damhuskroen dates back to the 1600s, when Christian IV gave permission for its construction. Today it is owned by Old Irish Pub

Customer since: New owners in 2021


Karaoke Bar

At Karaoke Bar, all party-loving people can have a blast and sing all their favorite songs.

Customer since: Start-up in 2022



Samala is a residence and stay facility with extensive experience with socially disadvantaged children, young people and adults with mental challenges

Customer since: Start-up in 2017

Mind Your Feet

Mind Your Feet

Mind Your Feet offers good and professional foot care with care and focus tailored to your needs.

Customer since: Start-up in 2021



Økonomirådgivningen was established in 2013 and is a collaboration between 5 large housing organizations in Western Zealand

Customer since: 2013

UG Polering

UG Polering

UG Polering is a window cleaning company located in Stenlille in Western Zealand.

Customer since: 2021


Kaalund Foreningen

The Kaalund Association works in the Kalundborg municipality for better conditions for young people in vulnerable positions

Customer since: Start-up in 2022


Ellen Naldal

Ellen Naldal works with, among other things, couples therapy and coaching, and has been working with it since 1994.

Customer since: 2012


Artist Tina Lund Christiansen

Tina Lund Christiansen is an artist. She works with the sculptural aspect in various materials

Customer since: 2011


Grønne Grunde

Grønne Grunde is "Your garden architect". Gardens with soul are designed - for joy, anticipation and fulfillment of garden dreams

Customer since: Start-up in 2006


Asminderød Kro (Inn)

Asminderød Kro (Inn) has a history dating back to the 17th century, and is today used as a accommodation solution

Customer since: New owners in 2022


Psychotherapist Jonas Borup

Jonas Borup offers various forms of therapy, coaching and supervision

Customer since: 2022


Sommersted Skadedyrsservice

Sommersted Skadedyrsservice (Pest Control) combats pests in Southern Jutland and on Funen.

Customer since: 2019



LN & Co ApS is for you who want your carpentry tasks performed in the best quality, with aesthetics in mind

Customer since: Start-up in 2021


SPAR Rejser

SPAR Rejser (travel) offers bus trips and excursions for groups in both Denmark and abroad.

Customer since: 2004


Terapihuset København

Therapy House Copenhagen is a psychotherapeutic professional community in Copenhagen

Customer since: 2022


Helsingør Accommodation

English website offering accommodation/fully furnished apartments for people from abroad who, for example, work in Denmark.

Customer since: Start-up in 2023


Woodworm control

Danish informational website about woodworm control. Learn about what woodworms are and how to control them.

Customer since: Start-up in 2023


Give Hospital

Give Hospital has been converted into 86 attractive rental apartments ranging in size from 50-130 m2

Customer since: New owners in 2022



At Icehorse, you will find a large selection of Icelandic horses, giving you the opportunity to view several horses at the same time

Customer since: Start-up in 2022

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