Ticket Management System for museums

CMS, webshop, Ticket Management System and Season Ticket Management system adapted for museums.

Webshop and Ticket Management System for museums


As a Museum, you can greatly benefit from our Flex4B system, where you'll find both website/CMS, webshop, Ticket Management System og sæsonkortsystem indbygget.

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how can a museum benefit from our system?

We have many things that are like created for a museum - and it (almost) does not matter what type of museum you have.
Our CMS offers the opportunity to create a beautiful page adapted to the museum's style and to the target group.
Our CMS also makes it possible to make guided tours with QR codes physically in the museum.

The Webshop provides the opportunity to sell everything needed from tickets, season tickets, access to special events, arrangements, merchandise and much, much more. It can be integrated directly into the page or stand alone in categories.

Our Ticket Management System makes it possible to scan products so that validity can be validated, and we have solutions for computers with scanners, POS and smartphones. All can of course be combined, making it super flexible.

Our Season Card Management System allows for annual passes, season passes, fixed-term passes, memberships and more.

VIP cards and employee cards can also be made.

Read more in our blog posts

Case: Lindesnes Fyr museum

Lindesnes Fyr is a lighthouse located on the southernmost tip of Norway.

Here there is a lot to see, among other things the lighthouse museum, nature and the activities on site.
Our system helps with sales for everything, incl. their souvenirs, books and much more.

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Uanset hvilken type museum I kommer fra, så kan vi hjælpe jer og sikre I får en løsning, der virker problemfrit.

Vi har stor erfaring fra vores kunder, heriblandt Lindesnes Fyr, og kender til flere af de udfordringer man har som museum, samt de behov man har i ens IT system.
Design kan tilpasses 100% jeres ønsker og behov.

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