19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

Whether you represent a completely normal museum or whether it is a more untraditional museum, we have the system that can help you market, sell tickets, make additional sales and create positive attention.

The system even allows you to create physical QR codes that can be placed in the museum and lead to nicely set up pages with text, images, videos, etc.

A CMS that is perfectly suited

Our CMS is super easy to use, and allows you to create beautiful pages that can present the museum in the best possible way. Pages are made with modern drag and drop, and can be corrected directly. There are several beautiful templates, and it is of course easy to edit and upload photos and video.

In addition to being a fully functional CMS, it also allows you to create QR codes so you can create a kind of physical guide. It can e.g. is used to set up a QR code next to an image or object, which leads to a nicely set up page you create in our CMS. It can be a page with descriptive text, beautiful pictures or a video that tells more about the object in question.

Webshop and ticket system

Our webshop and ticket system are part of the overall system and can be activated if desired. It allows you to sell tickets of many different kinds (general, date-specific, customer chooses date, etc.), as well as many other products.

If our ticket system is added, you can easily scan and validate the tickets. It can be done on any computer with a barcode scanner, integrated in POS systems or you can scan directly from a smartphone.

Season pass / annual pass

We also have a card system, such as. allows to make season cards, annual cards, employee cards and much more. It can be both physical plastic cards (requires a printer) and electronic cards.

The season card system is an integral part of the system and cards can thus be easily sold and renewed from the web shop

If you want physical cards, we also have a system so that customers can make cards on machines with you (also those who buy from you - it requires POS integration), and all information can also be filled in from home for those who buy in the shop .

Flex4B for museums 

As can be seen in the above section, our system offers a great many options for museums gathered in one system so that it is easy to administer.

You can sell tickets for both entrance, events and special events, and you can also sell season tickets, annual tickets and monthly tickets if desired. Tickets and cards can of course be validated both from the app (Android/iPhone), web, computer with scanner and POS with scanner.

Museeum illustration

You also have the option of creating virtual guides via our CMS' QR code system if desired - even without extra costs.

Do you want to know more?

If you find the above interesting, do not hesitate to contact us with questions if you want a meeting or if you want an offer

You can also see our cases / reference if you would like to see some different examples of who uses the system