Card Management System

Seasonal cards, VIP cards, employee card, member cards etc.

Effective card handling with Flex4B Card System

Are you tired of using too many systems to manage your website, sales, tickets, season passes, and scanning? Then Flex4B system is the solution for you.

The Flex4B Card system is an integrated part of the Flex4B system, which also includes a webshop, CMS, and ticket system. This makes it easy to handle all your card types on one single platform - including sales, renewal, administration, etc.

The card system supports both physical cards (including a system to produce them) and electronic cards in the app (Android / iOS). You can easily create, sell, and manage your cards.

So if you want to experience the benefits of having everything together on one platform and being able to integrate season passes into your webshop and ticket system, then the Flex4B system is just for you.

Line at ticket house

Many options

Our Card Management System can handlealmost all kinds of cards Seasonal Cards, Yearly Cards, Emploee Cards, Subacription Cards, Member Cards etc.

Printet kort

Electronic or print

Our system supports both printed cards, e.g. plastic cards, and electronic cards e.g. caards used from the customers smartphone.



In our administration you have full contro over Seasonal Cards and other types of cards. You can search, add, change, print and manage all kinds of cards.

Typer af kort

Card types

You can set up different card types and manage the functions of the cards - Seasonal Caeds, Employee Cards, VIP Cards, Discount Cards, Member Cards etc.


Renew and buy

Our Cards are integrated totally in our webshop. It means your customers easily can buy Seasonal Cards, Member Cards etc. directly in the webshop. They can also renew their cards directly on the webshop reusing all informations and picture.


Hardware to print

If you want printed cards we can deliver a system that let customers to create cards using the webshop with the required information and picture. The customer can setup the card from home and at your site. And then they can print the card at your site.

Sæsonkort tilpasninger

Customizing possible.

The Card Management System is continously optimized and updated- You will automatically get acces to new functions and optimized ease of use. Our system is extremely flexible and can be adapted according to your needs.

Can be adapted to youe needs

Do you need a card solution, but have some special needs? Then we may pronanly be able to help you.



The system has a lot of possible settings that ensure you have lot of possibilities, when setting up your system. You manage which informations you need and which informations you need on the card.



We have a variaty of plugins that can be actvated ensuring the functions meets your needs e.g. the posibility to renew a card from the webshop and communicate with other systems.

Tilpasning til jer

Customized for you

We can customize the system to meet your needs. 
We can i corporatoion with you program a plugin that match your needs.

More about the system

This page has specifically described the Card system and what is conatined in the Card system.

But you should also read our general information about the system.

Read more about the Flex4B system

You can se customer cases on our website. As examples of customers using our card system we can mention Sommerland Sjælland in Danmark and Lindesnes Fyr in Norge