On this page you can see some price examples of the Flex4B system

Affordable quality system


Flex4B system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system with high reliability that allows you to focus on your business while we take care of all the technical aspects.

We have created a super flexible system with a ticket system, a CMS, a webshop, and a season ticket system, all at an extremely attractive price. With the system's many possibilities, the subscription is quickly earned back.

With the Flex4B system, you even get free ongoing updates, new features, improved user-friendliness, always updated system, technical search optimization, and much more.

Price examples

Below are prices for the Flex4B system. Pricing includes tons of features in each system, and flexibility to use it the way your business wants. The prices below are for annual payment.


Ticket system with scanning from smartphones, computers with scanners, and from POS systems.

LARGE modern CMS
Large webshop adapted for ticket sales
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€ 235

per month


Physical and digital season/year cards, membership cards, etc. including a system where users can easily create them

Possibility of selling cards on webshop
Possibility of card renewal on webshop
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€ +75

per month

Price per. sale / scan / card

You have no cost per sale, card or per scanning

€ 0

Creation and delivery

We help you get started cheaply.
Creation includes setup, customization, online review of system, etc.

3500,00 DKK

One time benefit
In addition, special design, courses from you, extra modules, card payment, special functions, extra backup and other optional services can be purchased.

What is also INCLUDED in the price?

With us you get a little more for your money. With our SaaS (Software as a Service) system, you are guaranteed an updated system that always works and where you do not have to worry about the technical

Regardless of what you buy from the above, the following is ALWAYS INCLUDED in the price

Modern CMS

Large modern CMS with drag and drop, templates, and full integration of products, etc.


Webshop focused on selling tickets and cards (if purchased), where regular products can also be sold.

Web hosting and SSL

Secure, stable hosting with 24/7 staffing and SSL.

Fast competent support

Get quick answers and competent help regardless of the challenge

Free updates

The system and plugins are constantly updated

Security updates

We make sure safety is always top notch

Technical SEO

Kept up-to-date so you can achieve good rankings 

Updated plugins

We keep all plugins secure and up-to-date

Usability focus

High level of user-friendliness, which is continuously improved in the front and backend

New free features

Continuous updates with new functionality

Flexible responsive web design

Standard web design - adapted for all devices

Flexible and stable system

The system is stable, flexible, and can be expanded as needed

Marketing that works

Plugins that ensure effective marketing

QR codes

Easy to use in marketing, for events, etc.

Plugins and Integrations

We have many plugins and integrations for other systems that can be added as needed

Customization of System

The system can be customized down to the individual customer - we help to solve your needs

CMS or webshop alone

You can purchase our CMS or webshop alone without a ticket system

CMS / website

Fully modern CMS with drag & drop, templates, blocks, and much more.

€ 29,- / month

Perfect for presentation pages for, for example, craftsmen, consultants, therapists, practitioners, artists, bars, experience industry and all others who need a modern search-optimized page that is easy to edit and set up with a beautiful design.


arge webshop with everything needed for modern sales
Including CMS/website as described here

€ 165,- / month

The webshop also includes a CMS/website, but it's up to you whether you want to use it as a full page with a shop or just as an external shop for an existing site. The webshop has several features that normal webshops don't have, such as with regards to events, and more.

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