Flex4B updates

Here you can see function updates to the Flex4B system that is delivered on regular basis.

Blog and news module - new options

There are now more options in the news and blog modules - both in terms of UX/UI and functions

3 Jan 2023, 15:49

Tidio chatbot plugin

We have now created a Tidio chatbot plugin that can be added to the page

30 Dec 2022, 18:56

More form options

More options when creating forms in the editor - i.a. mine. and max. in number fields

29 Dec 2022, 17:53

Opening days module improved

Our opening days module has been improved so that you can choose the colors of the days yourself and can control the texts yourself as well as several minor corrections

22 Dec 2022, 17:53

More options in default theme

We have expanded our standard theme with more settings, e.g. option to set bold, italic and underline as standard on all types of headings.

15 Dec 2022, 19:47

Microdata expanded

Better technical search optimization on all pages with customized microtags/schema.org, better meta tags, meta tags for e.g. twitter cards etc

14 Dec 2022, 16:25

New content module: Horses

New content module for displaying horses incl. information such as gender, age, height, race, lineage, price, etc. - as well as the option to filter and order screenings

3 Dec 2022, 06:59

Content modules administration

Improvements to the usability of all content modules in the administration

2 Dec 2022, 17:29

Piwik Pro - Website analysis

We now also support Piwik Pro, which is also a European service for website analysis.
After Google Analytics was declared illegal in some European countries, there are now 6 alternatives

28 Nov 2022, 17:05

Microdata - website, webpage and organization

Microdata has been updated on the website, webpage and organization, so that the site is now even better search optimized

27 Nov 2022, 22:43

Microdata on blog

Our blog has now added microdata - translated into something everyone understands, it has been search optimized even better

26 Nov 2022, 23:42

Content modules updated

All our content modules e.g. blog, buildings, news, amusements, etc. have been made more user-friendly - i.a. with visitor link from administration where they can also be seen even if they are deactivated.

20 Nov 2022, 19:15

Improved invoice design

An improved invoice design has been created with more information and a better layout, as well as a better print layout.

11 Nov 2022, 20:15

Improved order overview (additional orders)

There is an improved search in the order list and it has been made more user-friendly - especially when it comes to additional orders

3 Nov 2022, 18:00

Mark products with star

You can now star products so that they always appear at the top of the overview in the administration

30 Oct 2022, 13:02

Search in order comments

You can now also search for orders in comments in the administration. This applies to comments written by customers, internal comments and "follow up orders"

19 Oct 2022, 16:00

Dreamdata - website analysis

We now also support Dreamdata, which is also a European service for website analysis.
After Google Analytics was declared illegal in some European countries, there are now 5 alternatives

5 Oct 2022, 19:35

Simple Analytics - website analysis

Now we also have support for Simple Analytics, which is another European service for website analysis.
We have now made 4 European alternatives after Google Analytics was declared illegal in some European countries.

4 Oct 2022, 06:00

Matomo Cloud - web page analysis

We now have support for yet another European web page analytics service after Google Analytics was declared illegal in parts of Europa.
Matomo Cloud is mentioned in many places as an alternative, and can now be offered as a plugin to customers who want it.

1 Oct 2022, 13:02

Plausible - web page analysis

After Google Analytics was declared illegal in parts of Europe, we have, among other things, also chose to offer Plausible as an alternative. They use European servers.

22 Sep 2022, 22:15

Fathom - web page analysis

As a result of Google Analytics becoming illegal in parts of Europe, we now offer Fathom as an alternative. They use European servers.

22 Sep 2022, 20:30

Better backlinks

When you have edited different things in the administration, the link back will automatically open the place where the thing you edited was located (also tabs and submenus), and scroll down to the place.

21 Sep 2022, 11:00

Comment system - orders

Option to let the customer write comments and to write comments to the customer themselves that appear on the invoice. In addition, internal comments can be written that the customer cannot see, and orders can be followed up in several ways

20 Sep 2022, 17:00

Updating the editor

Editor used for smaller descriptions on e.g. products, content modules andso on is updated with more modern design, improvements and new features

18 Sep 2022, 15:00

Subproducts - calendar selection

It is now possible to select calendar options for sub-products. In this way, the user can easily select a date in a calendar. Good for events etc. You can still also choose ordinary sub-products that can be chosen as normal

17 Sep 2022, 16:00

From the price of department products

If there are different prices for a product for different departments, then a from price is now displayed on the main page if the product is displayed there

16 Sep 2022, 13:00

MailChimp plugin

We have now created a MailChimp plugin so that you can insert a module on any page where you can sign up for a list (e.g. newsletter) in MailChimp.

15 Sep 2022, 17:37

Cards are shown on the order in the backend

When editing an order in the backend, it is now possible to see images of the cards that are associated, and to click on the link directly to them if they are to be printed or edited

13 Sep 2022, 01:00

Resend SMS

You can now resend orders by SMS just as you can resend orders by email. You can also send to another number (if the customer e.g. wants it, or if you want to send to yourselves) just as you can with the order email.

12 Sep 2022, 22:43

Last 20 card scans

When editing a card, you can now see the last 20 scans made with the card

11 Sep 2022, 14:03

Product creation updated

We have updated the product creation, so that it is now more user-friendly to create and edit products. There are i.a. new design and better structure.

10 Sep 2022, 21:25

New spacer in editor

There is a new spacer in the editor, so there are now 2 types. A spacer that keeps its size regardless of the screen, and a spacer that is smaller on small screens like a mobile than on large screens like a computer.

2 Sep 2022, 19:34

Design improvements in content modules

Several small design improvements in our content modules, as well as things that make it even more user-friendly

2 Sep 2022, 15:29

Plugin: Apple Smart App banner

It is now possible to get Apple's Smart App banner on your page if you have an app you want to promote

1 Sep 2022, 21:20

Put emails in groups in the administration

You can now group emails that come via forms in the administration. For each form that is created, you can control where the emails go, and of course they can still be exported to CSV/Excel.

28 Aug 2022, 15:37

Look up cards in the scanning system

People who scan tickets can now look up season/annual tickets and scan them via a button in the scan system. It can, among other things, be used when a person has forgotten their season ticket/annual ticket, and now without having to have administrator access or switch to the administration

26 Aug 2022, 19:02

Default theme - more options

There are now more settings in the standard theme, and we can adapt it to a greater extent to your wishes and needs (without having to create a special theme)

26 Aug 2022, 09:49

Export emails to Excel

You can now export emails to CSV/Excel from the administration. This makes it easy if you have to make registrations and the like. which must be used in other systems

25 Aug 2022, 15:48

Emails in the administration

You can now see all emails sent via forms from the editor directly in the administration. Emails are still sent normally, but at the same time you have a history in there.

24 Aug 2022, 17:39

Check out updated

Our check out process has been updated both in terms of design and ease of use. Customers who want it can transfer to the new version

21 Aug 2022, 10:25

Bootstrap updated to 5.2

Bootstrap is updated to 5.2 so the latest version is now supported

18 Aug 2022, 13:17

Keyboard shortcuts in scanning

The option to use the keyboard shortcut when selecting the number to scan (+, -, arrow keys and enter) has now been added

16 Aug 2022, 20:41

More settings for scanning

There are now more settings for the scan module. Control colors, times and other things yourself for all types of scans

16 Aug 2022, 15:23

Updated page editor

Our page editor has been updated and a lot of new smart functions and settings have arrived. Some minor errors that could cause problems in special cases have also been corrected

15 Aug 2022, 17:25

Corrections in translations

We have made a number of language corrections in the Danish, English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Norwegian languages

11 Aug 2022, 13:58

Guests on season tickets

You can now let the card owners take guests with them on all card types (access for card owner + guest). You can set the period it is allowed, number of guests allowed and how many times they can use it in the specified period

3 Aug 2022, 15:27

Our help page is online

Our help page is now online. More videos will be delivered continuously

29 Jul 2022, 18:10

Scan system improved

We have improved the scanning system with new features (e.g. switch to enable scanning of expired tickets), improved statistics, improved design and improved usability

22 Jul 2022, 17:30

Editor templates improved

We have improved our templates in the editor

21 Jul 2022, 17:00

Blog and news module updated

Our blog module and news module have been updated with new settings and improved usability

17 Jul 2022, 22:41

Gift certificate types

Gift certificate types can now be created enabling them to be grouped into e.g. sponsorships, coupons and the like. in the statistics

17 Jul 2022, 12:35

Auto-fill customer information

On backend orders, customer information is now filled in by simply writing the email

16 Jul 2022, 17:34

Standard theme - logo can break the frame

You now have an option in the default theme to let the logo break the frame. For example if you have a logo which is a circle. The logo can therefore now go down over the edge of the content. It can create an effect and ensure the best possible optimization of the space

11 Jul 2022, 09:59

Hide product on product overview

You can now hide a product on the product overview, and still show it in categories etc.
Of course, you can still deactivate a product completely, or hide it in the shop so that it can only be sold through the administration

10 Jul 2022, 18:15

Social image for all content

You can now in all our content modules select a specific image for sharing on social media (op:image) such as Facebook. It works in the same way as pages, but now covers all other content as well

8 Jul 2022, 16:41

Usability improved

Once again we habe improved usability. Tooltips have been made to help in the administration, better display of consumption on discount codes, QR code to scan barcodes from mobile, improved pictures in emails and many other things

4 Jul 2022, 13:16

Create gift cards in the administration

Just like gift cards for the store can be sold they can now also be made in the administration. It allows for e.g. to hand out physical gift cards or send them by email without the customer having purchased them through the store

28 Jun 2022, 08:50

Export statistics

You are now able to export almost all statistics to Excel

25 Jun 2022, 12:11

Improved invoice design

Improved invoice design, and a possibility to have more information on the invoice

23 Jun 2022, 18:00

Instagram module

There is now an Instagram module that can be used directly from our drag and drop system

3 Jun 2022, 16:49

QR for everyone

QR codes on pages and products are now available to everyone for free

26 May 2022, 21:00

Sales lists of one-day products

Sales lists can now be displayed on all one-day products

22 May 2022, 17:00

Improved usability and SEO

We have made a lot of minor improvements in usability and updated technical SEO on all pages to the latest standards

13 May 2022, 12:00

Improoved sitemap plugin

Our sitemap plugin is now improved and activated on all customers so it is easy to add sitemap to eg Google

18 Apr 2022, 15:00

Priority and frequency in SEO

We have added the ability to set priority and frequency in SEO on e.g. pages and content. Although Google does not support it, it has been a wish of some customers in relation to other search engines. You can choose whether you want to use it.

17 Apr 2022, 18:49

Search across levels

It is now possible to search across levels and categories in all our content modules

15 Apr 2022, 20:19

Language: Alternate added

We've added alternate meta tags when there are multiple languages so Google understands which pages are the same but just in a different language

15 Apr 2022, 17:00

SEO - count and guides

When making titles and descriptions, the system counts characters and guides you to the best length

12 Apr 2022, 21:29

User login system

A plugin has now been created for the user login system. It can e.g. be used for mini intranets, for access-specific user pages, pages that base their earnings on users and many other things.

5 Apr 2022, 16:00

Displays inactive pages

You can now easily see the inactive pages via the visitor link in the administration, even if they are not visible to others

3 Apr 2022, 10:32

Minor improovements

Design improvements have been made, among other things, for pages with a limited amount of content. Improved cookie page and minor improvements to usability have also been made

28 Mar 2022, 16:29

Products hidden on webshop

You can now hide products on the webshop without disabling them. That way they can still be used in eg offers, sales outside the system and in the administration.

19 Mar 2022, 12:35

Improved card payment

The system now shows more precisely which payment method has been used.

9 Mar 2022, 22:41

Bankoverview updated

Our bank overview for the shop has been improved. For example, it shows chargebacks smarter

8 Mar 2022, 14:02

Theme settings updated

Out theme settings have been updated to be more user friendly and with more options

8 Mar 2022, 11:57

Shop: Payment outside the system

You now have the opportunity to place orders in the backend of the shop, where the payment is registered outside the system, and everything is still automated

7 Mar 2022, 20:43

Image swiper updated

Our image swiper module has been updated with a lot of new options and settings

5 Mar 2022, 18:38

Ease of use and little things

While we are working on big things like automation and booking, we have just made some minor claims. Among other things. link to view PDF files in our file manager

27 Feb 2022, 19:22

Standard design update

New and improved options for the standard design, as well as more corrections, improvements, etc. including submenus

16 Feb 2022, 17:34

Standard date season pass

It is now possible to set default dates for card types - that way you can avoid having to write the same date when, for example. manually creating cards

7 Feb 2022, 15:00

Smooth scroll on links

Smooth and more delicious scroll when you link to another place on your page

4 Feb 2022, 12:00

Blog / news improvements

Our blog module and news module have been updated both in terms of design, user-friendliness and with new functionality

27 Jan 2022, 20:18

Card design

We have now made it possible to control even more on the design of all cards (eg season cards), as well as having fixed texts that can appear on the card

26 Jan 2022, 18:08

Better location

We have improved the algorithm that finds the user's location / country and language to ensure languages are displayed correctly for the first time on pages with several languages

20 Jan 2022, 15:19

Improved search engine optimization

We have improved search engine optimization in the system, and made more options for settings

14 Jan 2022, 23:10

Editor templates

We have added a lot of new templates to the editor so you can even more easily create beautiful responsive pages

14 Jan 2022, 16:10

Editor update

Page editor has been updated and a lot of new features have been added (including animation). In addition, usability has improved and a lot of the things our users have wished have been done.

12 Jan 2022, 14:00

Improvements in administration

Several small improvements in administration. Eg. possibility to resend payment links emails (those who pay later) and send to other emails, view all password fields (show / hide code), help desk on the front page, better linking in the administration, etc.

2 Jan 2022, 15:58

Updated file manager

Our file manager has now been updated with improved usability, new features and more manageable design. There are also several things that have been made smarter eg with regard to naming of folders etc.

29 Dec 2021, 08:04

Product email

It is now possible to specify one or more emails on a product, and thus be notified when a product is sold in one's shop. It can be good in situations where you have to react immediately as a product is sold

28 Dec 2021, 15:49

Statistics departments

More detailed statistics on departments with ia better opportunity to see complementary products.

27 Dec 2021, 14:24

Gift certificate improved

The gift card module has now been improved, so you can upload gift card images and let the customer print beautiful gift cards. You can upload several so the customer can choose between them.

17 Dec 2021, 08:00

Design line administration

We have tightened up the design line a bit in the administration, so the same type of icons are used consistently, and some minor corrections have been made to make it more user-friendly.

10 Dec 2021, 15:25

Bootstrap 5 update

We have updated the whole system to use Bootstrap 5 instead of 4. The secure system is updated, has the latest new options and is kept optimized in terms of speed

9 Dec 2021, 12:00

Font Awesom 6 Icons

We've updated Font Awesome to version 6 so there are even more icons available

30 Nov 2021, 11:20

Form designer

Our form designer module is now ready. Create forms with text fields (normal, email, phone, etc.), large text fields, drop downs, etc. directly in our editor

25 Nov 2021, 14:00

Improved implementation

We have made a new procedure to implement new things with customers and started testing on a few selected customers. In the long run, this provides faster updates with less risk of challenges

16 Nov 2021, 12:00

SoMe image

It is now possible to attach an image of your choice / upload to each subpage. This is used when you / others share on social media such as Facebook / Instagram, so you have full control over the sharing.

12 Nov 2021, 17:54

Help desk online

Our new helpdesk is now online and ready for use, so customers can easily get quick answers to questions

7 Nov 2021, 17:00

Season tickets / tickets security

The system for scanning tickets and making season tickets can now also be protected via IP validation in addition to the existing methods

24 Oct 2021, 05:55

Language updated

We have now made it easier to create new languages and have allowed translators to see Google Translate translation as well

21 Oct 2021, 12:05

SVG format

SVG format is now also allowed in several places when uploading images

18 Oct 2021, 08:58

Sales list of date products

It is now possible to draw sales lists on most date-specific products

12 Oct 2021, 23:09

Create additional orders

You can now make additional orders easily and simply from the administration - it can help with additional sales

30 Sep 2021, 12:00

Improved order overview

The order overview has been improved so that there is more information about the order when it has not been paid - eg for orders with EAN and bank transfer

19 Sep 2021, 15:00

Bank payment admin

We now have the bank payment plugin ready primarily for orders made in the administration.

19 Sep 2021, 12:05

Enjoy simple dashboard

The new simple dashboard with statistics etc. is now online. Advanced dashboard that can be customized for the individual will come later

11 Sep 2021, 23:40

Nicer emails

System emails from the system set up nicer as a starting point

7 Sep 2021, 15:53

QR on pages and products

It is now possible to create QR codes for pages and products. That way, storytelling can be done in physical locations, additional sales can be made and it can make processes easier

6 Sep 2021, 18:27

English GB added

We have had English language for a long time in the form of American, but have now also added English in the form of British English.

18 Aug 2021, 11:19

Editor improvements

We have made new improvements to the editor, as well as some minor bug fixes we were made aware of by a customer

12 Aug 2021, 15:35

Category improvement

When you create a category, you can now immediately choose to put the category in a menu / navigation if desired

8 Aug 2021, 12:00

Scan barcodes from mobile

You can now scan barcodes from mobile - we have got a scan button which uses the camera in a mobile, so barcodes can be scanned everywhere

4 Aug 2021, 11:35

Speed / SEO improved

We have made a major update which significantly improves the speed, among other things. by better caching, and which at the same time ensures even better search optimization, eg ift. "Largest Contentful Paint"

1 Aug 2021, 13:25

Department statistics

The customers who have departments (several locations) have now had their statistics improved so that it has become much more detailed

31 Jul 2021, 14:00

EAN payment

It is now possible to pay with EAN on the webshop if the plugin is activated. This is done through fakturaservice.dk

30 Jul 2021, 16:00

Spanish added

Spanish language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

28 Jul 2021, 16:20

Additional sales products

Today we have added an opportunity to put additional sales products such as others have also bought, as well as additional products where the same number must be purchased as the main product or where the customer can choose - so that additional packages for a product can be sold, for example.

28 Jul 2021, 14:15

Follow up on order

We have now added the option to follow up on orders, and register information in connection to the order

27 Jul 2021, 16:15

Opening hours plugin updated

Our opening hours plugin has been improved so that it can also be used to show opening hours on the page, in addition to the fact that it can already be used to ensure people can only buy certain types of products such as date tickets etc. for opening days

24 Jul 2021, 14:30

New slider for page editor

Our page editor has got a new module which is a slider which of course can be adapted in many different ways. Another smart element you can drag and drop into your page

22 Jul 2021, 16:20

Several departments

New opportunity to have more departments - eg several shops, pubs, restaurants, experience centers, museums, etc. The plugin can both be used for displaying them and if you have a shop, you can choose whether you sell from somewhere else or have sales from the individual places.

20 Jul 2021, 12:00

People and places plugin

New plugin that allows you to create people and places and do user-friendly searches in them. Can eg be used for staff.

7 Jul 2021, 15:25

Set discount code as not locked

Discount codes are locked while an order is placed to secure against misuse. As a shop owner, you can now unlock them whenever you want

5 Jul 2021, 16:30

Search engine optimization improved

We have made several SEO improvements, and it has now become possible to easily specify if you have similar content (canonical) on pages

5 Jul 2021, 12:14

Info icon for search

Our advanced search in administrations offers wildcard search. There is now a small info icon describing this to increase usability

2 Jul 2021, 09:50

New content module - rides

New content module - You now have the opportunity to create rides and let the customer filter in them based on heights, areas and much more

26 Jun 2021, 08:35

New content module - events

There is a new content module called events - it can, among other things be used for music events, concerts, events in parks and much more

24 Jun 2021, 17:40

Statistics expanded

Webshop statistics and ticket scan statistics have been expanded with a lot of new options. Including improved setup of own statistics

14 Jun 2021, 14:20

More elements in page editor

The page editor has got a lot of new elements you can drag and drop into your design

6 Jun 2021, 19:15

Google tag manager added

Google Tag manager has now been added to the system - both for normal statistics and the whole shop part. We already have Google Analytics and Facebook pixels etc. added

5 Jun 2021, 12:10

Improved customer overview

We have improved the customer overview in the webshop so you can now more easily search for customers and get a lot more information, etc

2 Jun 2021, 17:39

Dutch added

The dutch language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

5 May 2021, 18:43

Swedish added

Swedish language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

23 Apr 2021, 11:28

Finnish added

Finnish language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

16 Apr 2021, 05:36

German added

German language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

30 Mar 2021, 16:30

Norwegian added

Norwegian language has now been added to the system, so both administration and front-end support this.

29 Mar 2021, 16:53

Blog started

Today we start writing here when new functions / possibilities come in the Flex4B system (functions / possibilities from earlier than dd can not be seen). Not all changes are written here. It will primarily be new features and the like.

29 Mar 2021, 16:00