Ticket Management System for amusement parks

CMS, webshop and Ticket Management System adapted to amusement parks.

Webshop and Ticket Managemnt System for amusement parks


Our Flex4B System er tilpasset til forlystelsesparker, og indeholder mange smarte funktioner hertil.

Du kan læse mere her på siden, og endnu mere i vores blogindlæg.

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How can amusement parks benefit from our system?

We have extensive experience with amusement parks and have been out with our customers on opening days, and served guests with the system. It gives us a unique insight into the everyday life you have, and we do it to ensure that you, as a company, get the best experience with the system, and that your visitors have the best experience.

This has led to many improvements and settings that allow the system to be adapted as best as possible to the individual amusement park.

At the same time, the system is flexible - so if you have special requirements, we can help implement them - we can create plugins that are aimed at a single customer. Since we are responsible for it ourselves, we can give a good price for it.

We have a Webshop, where you can easily sell tickets and we have many different options such as date tickets, tickets where the user chooses from opening days, tickets that are valid for the entire season, tickets with extra information and much more. Of course, you can also sell many other products.

We also offer Season Card Management System, and of course the sale of season tickets in the webshop.

Finally, we have et Ticket Management System, where you can scan tickets, season tickets, etc. - both from a computer with scanner, from smartphones and from POS. 

We have made it easy to make additional sales, and you can also sell other products such as merchandise, food and drink and much more.

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Case: Sommerland Sjælland

In our Cases Section we have an example of a summer amusement park, Sommerland Sjælland which has been our customer since 2013. On the Cases Section you can read more about Sommerland Sjælland.

See our Cases SectionVisit Sommerland Sjølland

Even though your park is not a summer amusement park, we know many of the challenges you experience, and our Ticket and Season Ticket Management system is adapted to handle them. Just as Sommerland Sjælland has made special adaptations, we can also easily make it for you.

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjælland

"We were planning to start up a webshop from scratch. Flex4Business helped us in a serious and professional way to clarify which building blocks were needed. Flex4Business was able to setup these building blocks one by one to fit the webshop for exactly our needs.
From a webshop with one type of product, we have, from season to season, been able to extend the assortment and content having a close dialog with Flex4Business, that always has being helping us to follow the right way relative to possibilities and user-friendliness. Simultaneously it has been important for os to keep an overview of time horizon and price for individual elements, giving us a possibility to select and deselect modules. Flex4Business has delivered the system elements quick and uncomplicated from time to time, making it possible to move on."

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjælland

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