Amusement parks

19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

We have a system that is perfect for theme parks. In this blog post, we will describe why we think our system is perfect for theme parks.

You can also see our page on the website for amusement parks.

Our CMS allows you to create a super nice website with all relevant content.
Our webshop makes it possible to sell everything from tickets, season tickets/season tickets to food/drinks and physical products.

Our ticket system makes it easy to scan and validate tickets, season tickets and other products both from computer, POS and smartphone.

Finally we alsoå a season ticket system which supports both physical cards and electronic cards, and which even can be used for employee cards etc.

When tickets aren't just tickets

We have experience with other parks and know that a ticket system must be able to do more than just sell tickets.

That is why our system also supports; many different types of tickets

  • Normal tickets
    • Så many kinds of wishes, e.g. regular, senior, child, etc.
  • Tickets for special dates/times
    • You choose e.g. period ticket, afternoon ticket, morning ticket, etc.
  • The ticket with a fixed date that the customer chooses when ordering
  • Group tickets with min. and max. no
    • Schools
    • Companies
    • Other groups
  • Enter with special information (for e.g. combi tickets)
  • First come, first served
  • Arrangements internal and external

You can create orders in the administration and have the option of creating special prices for e.g. groups - and whether it is for groups, individuals or others, så can you create a payment link for card payment, MobilePay, EAN payment, etc.

In addition to the above, there are also; possibility of, for example, partner tickets, så partners can only sell tickets where it is managed through our system. På that's how all statistics are too; collected.

System with everything

Our system contains everything you need - there is too much to describe here, but we can e.g. name:


  • Complete CMS
  • Drag and drop and work directly in design
  • Easy management of images incl. Pruning etc.
  • Full integration with webshop (products on pages, etc.)
  • Many content types (custom modules for industries)
  • Integration with many other systems (YouTube videos, maps, Facebook, etc.)


  • Full webshop with card payment, EAN payment, MobilePay etc.
  • Discount codes (%, DKK., min. purchase, max. number of times, validity, etc.)
  • Gift certificate system
  • API (communication with other systems)
  • Plugins (many additional options)
  • Possibility of creating a special design
  • Possibility of creating special functions
  • Many types of products and many product settings
  • Subproducts
  • Full statistics
  • Shipment
  • Lots of opportunities for additional sales
  • Category management

Ticket system

  • Scan from computer with barcode scanner
  • Possibility of integration, så that can be scanned in POS
  • Scan directly from smartphone
  • Points of sale
  • Scan users
  • Statistics of scans

Season card system

  • Season card types (e.g. season card, annual card, child/adult card, employee card, membership card, VIP card, etc.)
  • Physical and electronic cards
  • Full system for printing cards
  • Full system så customers can fill in cards (also bought elsewhere, e.g. POS) in the park (requires hardware)
  • Option for customers to fill in everything incl. image when purchasing shop

General things

  • Language (currently Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Finnish and Spanish - more on the way)
  • Marketing plugins e.g. Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics etc.
  • Søgeoptimization
  • Constantly updated system
  • Free new features
  • Good support

The above are just a few selected things the system can do.

Flex4B for amusement parks

As you can read in the above sections, our system is very well suited for amusement parks. We believe that we have a webshop and a ticket system that can optimize your sales, and through our experience with other customers, we have adapted our system to be as optimized as possible, and to support all the needs you may have.

Should there still be something it cannot do, we have the option of building new plugins that provide those options, and we can even create customer-specific special plugins even though it is a SaaS system that is constantly kept up to date. This gives you as an amusement park the best opportunities to optimize sales

Amusement park illustration

Do you want to know more about the Flex4B system?

You can read more in our blog post about the Flex4B system , or på our page

We also have several cases and for example Sommerland Sjælland (Danish Amusement Park) both use our CMS, webshop, ticket system and season ticket/season ticket system

You are alsoå very welcome to contact us for a meeting, or to bring sent a free and non-binding offer.