19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

There are a sea of webshops - both open source and systems made by companies, so why choose the Flex4B system?

We try to give all the good reasons for that here.

Everything a webshop should have

In this article, we do not go so much into the traditional webshop functionalities. But you can read about a small selection of them in our blog with the general description of the Flex4B system
Of course we have everything you need with products, sub-products, additional products, additional sales, options, automation, VAT management, languages, countries, payment options (payment cards, MobilePay , etc.), shipping and even a full ticket system and season ticket system that can be added if one needs it

In this article, we look instead at what often sets us apart from other providers.

Ticket Sales

Our webshop features a multitude of extensions that make it easy to sell various types of tickets. This means you can sell tickets for everything from a concert, an amusement park, a zoo, a museum to, for example, ferry tickets and even reselling tickets for events

There is also the option to attach a ticket system so tickets can be validated, and even a card system if you also need to sell monthly passes, annual passes, or season passes.

Always up to date

The system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system. This means that we make sure that the system is always up-to-date.

This way you can concentrate on your webshop knowingly:

  • That safety is always top notch
  • That the system is always completely up to date
  • That plugins are always up to date
  • That the system is kept up to date when new possibilities appear in the browsers

Search engine optimization is updated for free

We also ensure that the technical search engine optimization is top notch, and continuously improve it when new opportunities arise.

SEO graph

This means that you always know that your system is technically search optimized, and thus do not have to hire someone to take care of it. It gives you the best opportunities to ensure that your content is good and you can thus secure high rankings on e.g. Google.

New free features

You get constantly new free features and improved usability completely free.

How is that possible?
This is because we use the same system for all our customers. This means that the costs are not high, and we have chosen to spend a certain amount of time ensuring that all customers remain customers and are happy and satisfied. Although all customers run on the same technical system, your data is of course completely separated from other customers. No one from outside has the opportunity to go in and see your data and which parts of the system you use. Basically how a phone works.

New features can range from brand new features to improved usability that make the features easier and smarter.


Perhaps you have in the past been dazzled by companies that promise 24/7 support and all sorts of other things, and have been disappointed that the person who answers your call cannot help but simply pass the matter on. Many people experience waiting a long time to solve the problem, and communication is cumbersome because it goes through many.

This is not the case with Flex4Business. Our support cases are answered by people who can solve the problems, and we are quick to act when there are problems. There are no call centers, no predefined answers or auto-answers - only competent help and answers you can use for anything.


Our webshop (and system in general) is scalable in many ways. On the one hand, we offer a larger amount of plugins, and on the other hand, we have the opportunity to create functions adapted to your needs.

We have created a super flexible system that provides this option, and we have programmers who can and will go to great lengths to adapt it to your and your customers' wishes.

This means we can both communicate with others through their API, they can communicate with our system save our API, and we can create custom plugins exactly according to your wishes.

Read more about the system

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