Flex4B general description

18 Jun 2020
18 Jun 2020

The Flex4B system offers a lot of different options, and in this blog post we will go into; selected functions and options in the system.

Web design

Flex4B offers 2 options for design.

What we have in common is that we always help with the design and ensure it is set up correctly, så you don't end up spending too much of the precious time on this. At the same time, it also ensures , that you get a good and usable design, where we can help with our experience to ensure that it is a good solution for your target group.

Standard customizable theme

Our Standard customizeable theme is a ready-made theme that offers a lot of options to customize the design according to your needs and wishes.
This is what you call a highly customizeable theme - which basically means that you can get it to look very different, and it is therefore not the case that all the customers who use it have pages that are similar to each other.

This solution is our cheapest solution, and the will work and be enough for several customers.

Read more about our standard theme

Theme made for You

If you as a customer have specific requirements and wishes that our Standard customizeable theme is not able to meet, such as can you get a theme made especially for you. There are in principle no restrictions here, as our system is extremely flexible. But the more creative you are in the solution, the more hours you have to spend on it. the selection of the theme for you.

This solution can be adapted to your needs, which means we can do the entire design process with you, and we also work; preferably together with your existing team or your external designer.

Read more about the possibility of a specially made theme

What do you need?

You are always welcome to contact us and be guided to what you need.
You can alsoå look at our cases, where at the bottom youå each case can see what the individual customers use, to get an insight into it.


Our webshop offers everything a modern webshop does, and at the same time we have a fully integrated ticket and season pass system for customers who need it.

The webshop part gives you an incredible number of options.

Types of products

Our shop gives you the opportunity to sell all the types of products you need, and more

  • Ordinary physical products
    • Clothes, electronics, inventory, home and garden, sports and leisure, beauty and health, merchandise and much more.
  • Entrance tickets (Requires ticket system for validation and barcodes, etc.)
    • Normal tickets
      • Så many kinds of wishes, e.g. general senior, child, etc.
    • Tickets for special dates/times
      • You choose e.g. period ticket, afternoon ticket, morning ticket, etc.
    • The ticket with a fixed date that the customer chooses when ordering
    • Group tickets with min. and max. no
      • Schools
      • Companies
      • Other groups
    • Enter with special information (for e.g. combi tickets)
    • First come first served tickets
    • Arrangements internally and externally
  • Sæson card (requires Sæson card plugin)
    • Infinite number of types
      • For example age-specific, 2-year card, period card, etc.
    • Renew in shop
  • Products with barcodes for delivery (requires ticket system)
    • Food and drink
  • Gift certificates
  • ... and many other types of products

Product dates

For all products, you can control when they are sold from and to. It ensures that products are automatically added and removed on; the date and time that is set. If no date or time is added, it is not limited.
You can of course also; set stock quantity, and it is up to you whether the product should be removed, whether it should still be displayed but not purchased, or whether it should still be able to be displayed and purchased when there are no more products available. warehouse.

If it concerns products for the ticket system (with barcode), you can alsoå set a valid from and to date and time, set they can only be used during the valid period.

Additional sales, marketing and statistics

The shop has all the functions a modern webshop has, and this also means that there are of course good opportunities for additional sales, marketing, statistics and much more.

For example, it is possible to select choose purchase products for one each product. It can be products that appear like "you might also find this interesting", but it can also be our products at special prices, which are only offered when you have bought a special product. There are many setting options så you alsoå for example, can make products where the same number as the main product must be purchased. This solution is super good for creating additional sales.

Purely from a marketing point of view, there are also many options. We offer several forms of marketing automation, just as we offer integration to several different plugins that can help with marketing and upselling.

We also ensure; good statistics in the shop, så you can always follow along and see how sales are going. At the same time, we also have plugins for e.g. Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and many others.

Discount codes and gift certificates

The shop naturally also has the possibility of using discount codes. Our discount code module has many settings and can be used for; many ways. You can give a discount in DKK or in %, you can require a minimum purchase, you can decide how many times the code can be used and of course you can set validity. This allows them to be used for everything from events, SoMe and for individual customers who need a code.

The shop also offers; you can also sell gift certificates via the shop, which customers can use to shop at shop with, It is ideal for Christmas presents, birthday presents etc.

Backend where you are in control

We offer a user-friendly backend where you can manage the entire system. Here is everything you normally know from a backend, and everything in the CMS, web host, ticket system and season ticket system can be set up and managed. It is easy to grant access to others, and you can control exactly what the different employees have access to.

In our backend you can alsoå create orders for customers and if you want to give them special prices. All your products can be selected, and you can set a different price if desired. When the order has been made, you can choose whether you want to mark it as paid (e.g. by prepayment) or whether you want to send a payment link to the customer. The customer sees så the order and can pay online.

In our backend you will also find advanced statistics on sales by date/time, and you can set up statistics groups yourself, such as; you get an overview that you want with summaries of what you want.


There are several payment options in the shop both when customers buy and when you place orders in the backend.

The most popular payment methods are

  • Card payment (dankort, Visa, Master card, Visa electron, etc.)
  • MobilPay
  • EAN invoicing

It was a fraction of the shop's functions

We have now given you a very small insight into the shop's features - but there is much more than what is described in this blog post.

We would love to show you if you ø want it. Contact us to hear more, or få a free and non-binding offer

You can alsoå read more about the webshop on the web page

Ticket system

We have developed an easy and user-friendly ticket system, which makes it easy to check tickets.
We have focused on making it work quickly and easily

Scan på many ways

There are many options such as

  • Scanning from any computer with barcode scanner
    • For example to the ticket office etc.

  • Integration into checkout systems
    • If you would like to scan directly in the POS

  • Scanning from mobile/tablet with built-in camera
    • For example for events where there is no computer/POS available

  • Option for machine that can be scanned onå as a customer
    • Self-service

Scanning can be done regardless of whether the tickets are electronic and must be scanned from, for example, a mobile phone or tablet, or whether they are printed out.

Easy and smart to use

The system is made user-friendly, and shows på an easily visible way of whether a ticket has been approved. If the ticket is not valid, there is a clear message as to why, and colors help to quickly decode whether it has been approved or rejected.

If a barcode contains more than 1 unit, så it can be used several times, soå for example, family can come staggered to the entrance without problems. This means if there is a barcode for 5 people, så can the staff be satisfied with raising, for example, 3, and so on? are there still 2 people left onå the barcode. If the ticket is used electronically, the system itself counts down the number left.

When tickets are scanned, you can always see the last ones scanned - those with errors and those that went well. If you scan from mobile and tablet, there is a button så the camera in the device can be used as a barcode scanner.

Logins and ticket locations can be created in the administration. It provides both good security, and can provide precise statistics distributed on; those things. The person who is logged in can see his own statistics for the day.

Statistics and administration

In the main administration, for example, the office can follow the statistics for all ticket offices and from all logins live from their computers. Here there is also possibility to slå barcodes, set them as used (on all ticket offices/logins), undo use and much more.

The administration also contains; advanced statistics on scans, and you can set up scan groups yourself, which make it possible to bring in other words, exactly the products you want. The scans also show what price value the products have, especially; you can see how big a turnover it is with those scanned into the period. You can set the from and to date/time; you can get statistics for the period you wanted.

The ticket system can do much more

Our ticket system can do much more. Contact us please to hear more, or få a free and non-binding offer

You will also findå more information about the ticket system på the web page itself

Season card system

Our season ticket system gives you the opportunity to think in completely new ways with season tickets, and is so flexible, that it can be used for very many ways.

Season card on many ways

The season ticket system works naturally if you buy via the webshop, but can also work when season cards are sold via POS systems etc.

There are several options to give the customer the best season card experience. The customer can get his card på different methods, and you can choose one method or combine them

  • The customer prints the card from home
    • Easy and simple
  • The customer receives a link to the online map
    • Easy and simple and always with you (mobile)
  • The customer is sent a physical season ticket (e.g. plastic card)
    • More exclusive
    • Gives you some work
  • The customer receives a ticket to the park (first visit) and prints a physical card on the first visit (e.g. plastic card)
    • More exclusive
    • The customer can handle most things themselves

If the last solution is chosen, we have a system where the customer can fill in information and obtain take a picture. It can, for example, be for those who buy a pair; POS or, if allowed, not to fill everything from home. These are machines that have been set up where the customer scans their barcode, fills in information, takes a picture and where you see; can easily print the card that is inserted in the box.

Many types of cards

The card has a unique barcode, and since we have the option of several card types, you have many options for different cards. Here can be mentioned

  • Season card
    • Infinite number of types
      • For example age-specific, 2-year card, period card, etc.
      • Many settings for each type
      • Different information onå shortly after type
  • Other types of cards
    • Employee card
    • VIP card
    • As well as other groups you can create

Customers can renew season tickets via the shop if you wish to have this option, and they can also easily correct, for example, their address.

Large backend

In our backend you will find full administration of season tickets, where you can correct, create and delete season tickets. You also have possibility to print, for example, plastic cards.

You can alsoå create new types of season cards yourself, and decide which information must be filled in, what is shown on cards and much more for each type. For some types, you can activate a barcode such as; for example, employees and VIPs can make season tickets.

There are also; a lot of statistics, så you can keep track of how many seasonal cards have been made and how many times seasonal cards have been received.

All in all, there is everything you need to be able to hear; accept all types of cards. Contact us please to hear more, or få a free and non-binding offer

You can read more about the season card system at the web page

CMS - integrated page

Our system also contains; a full CMS, så your entire website can be built in it.

This means a super good integration for the webshop, and makes it easy to create call to actions that work. You can e.g. allow buying directly from an information page, så you don't have too many clicks.

Our CMS is advanced, and based on drag and drop, så you can super easily set up a page with everything you know such as images, video, full screen elements, slide shop, video backgrounds, Google Maps, forms, etc. without having experience with code or anything else. It is made soå everyone can use it, and we have thought about it; a way, so it is simple to use, even though it is functionally advanced.

If you have super users, we also have; think them in, with more advanced options that they can use.

It makes it possible to make many pages you want, and you can easily manage menus etc.
This also means that there is good opportunity for e.g. landing pages for social media, Google, campaigns etc.

Our CMS also has a lot of extra modules - here you can e.g. is a content plugin that allows for many different types of content from general things like blog, news and FAQ to industry-specific things to attractions with filtering, buildings/housing with filtering and much more.

We also have; a lot of other plugins that can be connected below, for example Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, departments, shipping modules and much more.

If you would like to know more, så you can see our page about our CMS

API and integration

Our system has an API så other systems can communicate with our system. This means that others can talk to the system. It is guaranteed, så it requires IP approval as well as a key, which ensures that only those you approve have access.

An example could be if your checkout system needs to talk to our system.< br>
We can alsoå easily make integrations to other systems and have made several plugins for this. We have, among other things, make integrations for

  • POS / checkout systems
  • Sales sites (others that sell gift cards and the like)
  • Special cases such as machines where you can win tickets etc.


We offer the system for many languages - including Danish, English (GB and US), German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and Spanish.

Så if you need more languages, så is the opportunity there. Should you need a language we don't have, så it can easily be added. 

You can alsoå see a little more about the system på our website

The system that gets better and better

Our system is used by all our customers - large and small; - and regardless of which plugins and parts of the system they have.

This means that we constantly update the system, and you will therefore experience

  • Free new features
  • Free improved usability
  • Constantly updated onå technical search optimization
  • Constantly updated onå security
  • Quick fixes
  • New plugin options
  • More languages
  • More integrations

In other words, we ensure that the system remains modern and beautiful at the same time. all areas, and you don't have to worry about updates, whether it's still optimized well enough, whether there may be security problems, etc. We take care of all that for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

Although everyone uses the same modules, så is it ensured that you are fully protected against others being able to obtain access to your data. Simply explained, you must compare the functionality of the system with a telephone system - there we also use all the same system, but our communication is completely private.

All that youå får

One thing is that we have a system that meets your expectations, but we also know; that other things are of great importance - not least service and support. 

Service and support

We have 3 types of support packages. Standard, Premium and Premium+.
The difference lies in whether you need support outside normal opening hours (weekends, evenings, early mornings, etc.), as well as whether you need telephone support.

Common to all packages is that you always get competent help when we answer - there are no call centers or people answering the phone who can't help. In short, you are insured

  • Support by competent staff who can lø see your challenges
  • No call center with people who don't know the system
  • Proper answers instead of auto-answers and predefined answers
    • We take the time to respond properly< /span>

Our customers stay with us for many å r, and large customers such as Sommerland Sjælland and Old Irish Pub have been there since they came in 2013, while we have had some of our smaller customers since 2003. We can also; notice our customers are happy, as we get by far the majority of new customers because we have been recommended by existing customers.

Our customers are happy with the quick and competent answers in support - which You alsoå can see under cases på our page, where i.a. Sommerland Sjælland and Old Irish Pub have a few quotes.

See our support packages for more information or our option for managed system/full service

Development for you

Although our system is used by all customers, så is it soå flexible, that we can easily develop parts especially for you, if you have any wishes. We have made many specific functions and of course you will still receive all other updates.

Så Finally, don't hold back if you need something that you don't immediately find in our system - feel free to contact us to hear about your options.

Web Hosting

We offer professional web hosting with 24/7/365 monitoring, argon gas system, diesel generator and UPS, 1950 Gbit backbone, Redundant connection, DDOS and firewall protection, RAID disks, 24/7/365 technician, video monitoring heating, air conditioning, doors with code sharing and much more.

We know you depend on a system that works and is up, and that is why we ensure that hosting is at its best hands with great weight on; uptime, speed and stability.

Under other products you can see more information about our web hosting

See more and order

You can see more and order på our product

Contact us please to hear more, or få a free and non-binding offer