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19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

We have a web system that has everything that ZOOs and zoos need. You have the opportunity for e.g. a system with CMS, webshop, ticket system and season pass / annual pass system. Everything is easy to use, whether you need to create pages, manage products or other things.

Many ticket types

It is possible to have many different types of tickets and sell them in several different ways in the webshop.

This means, for example, can have entrance tickets, event tickets, date-specific tickets, tickets where customers choose the date, tickets valid for an entire season, first-come, first-served tickets and many other types.
This means that you can both sell tickets to the Zoo, but also have the opportunity to sell tickets to e.g. events held, or events

You can manage it from our back-end, which is user-friendly, and of course see all forms of statistics

Other products and additional sales

Of course, our shop and ticket system also allow other products such as. food and drink, merchandise, gift cards and much more.

The system also provides many opportunities for additional sales - including we have a large module for purchases, which always comes with the shop. In addition to that, we also have many other things that can generate more sales.

Of course, we also have the opportunity to follow up on results both in the integrated statistics, but also in plugins for e.g. Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics etc.

Flexible system

The Flex4B system is super flexible. On the one hand, we have lots of plugins, and large parts, such as. season ticket system can be turned off and on as desired. This also means that the system can be adapted to your wishes as Zoo, and if you have special needs, we will be happy to help you solve them.

Zoo elephants illustration

In terms of design, we have a flexible standard design that can be used and tweaked, but we also offer to make a design completely for your needs.

The Flex4B system integrates it all, and you can therefore easily place products on a subpage where they are described and thus create an easier sale than if the user has to go to a dedicated webshop. You can also choose to have a more dedicated webshop, if desired.

The ticket system is also extremely flexible. You can scan from any computer with a barcode scanner, and we can also help integrate it into POS systems. Finally, there is also the option to scan from a mobile, so it is extremely flexible for e.g. events which are located outside.

Our system even allows custom plugins so you can get features exactly as you want them. Together with the many existing options, it makes the system extremely scalable.

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