Website for Craftsmen

Website with CMS which is perfect for craftsmen.

Website with CMS for craftsmen


As a craftsman, you need a nice presentation page that is easy to make changes to, as well as some good opportunities to get inquiries, and we can give you that.

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How can craftsmen benefit from our system?

We offer a CMS which have many functions, but is very easy to use. This means you can easily edit the page without have IT technical knowledge, and without compromising on appearance and content.

Should you need sales directly via the website, then there is also a solution for this via our webshop, which can be connected

If you want to concentrate 100% on your profession, we also offer "Managed system" which is a "full service" solution. Ie. we stand for everything and you just have to write what you want us to do..

With us, you also do not have to think about the system having to be updated, security items or search engine optimization.
It's a SaaS (Software as a Service), so those things are always included in our prices, and you even  constantly get new completely free functionality.

It is also possible to make landing pages etc. so you can have effective ads on social media and Google.

Read more in our blog posts

Case: UG-Polering

UG Polering is a window polishing company located in Stenlille on West Zealand.

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UG-Polering has created a simple web page that they can easily handle themselves without having any experience with code.

They wanted it to be a simple one-pager with a little animation that can be easily made in our administration

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