19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

When you need a new website, it's a jungle to figure out which system you need. Unfortunately, many end up with a bad solution where they are left to fend for themselves as soon as the bill is paid.

With the Flex4B system, you avoid bad experiences

Always up to date

Flex4Business always ensures that the system is kept up to date, so that security and search engine optimization, etc. is always on top.

In addition, you also get continuous free upgrades, new features and much more.

Easy to use and with good support

We have made the system easy to use, although there are many options in it. This means that you can easily update the page yourself, and thus avoid having to pay a small fortune for an update of the content.

If you would rather concentrate on what you are good at, we also offer Managed system as an addition - here we get everything

At the same time, you get good support, and there are many different types of support available

Get inquiries from the site

We go to great lengths to ensure that the system is well search-optimized so that customers can actually find you. At the same time, we also offer the possibility of advertising via e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn etc. if you want to create campaigns - and our system has good options for effective landing pages.


Free offer and good price

We are happy to give you a free and non-binding offer , and we are sure that we can offer you a good attractive price, no matter what your needs are.

You can also read more about our website / CMS for craftsmen on our page, where you can also see an example of one of the craftsman customers we have which is UG Polishing .