Website for Therapists

Website CMS for all kinds of therapists.

Website CMS for all kinds of therapists

Behandler - fodterapeuter, fysioterapeuter, akupunktører, kiropraktorer, psykologer mv.

We offer website with CMS for all kinds of therapists, including podiatrists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, psychologists and many more.

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How does our system benefits therapists?

Our system is super flexible and can be adapted to many types of therapists.

We have focused on creating an easy and user-friendly system that can be used by everyone - even if you are not necessarily technical - well and truly without having to compromise on the possibilities.

Flex4B system is automatically updated, we are responsible for security, and technical search engine optimization follows the latest developments.

You even get free new features as our system is Saas (Software as a Service).

Read more in our blog posts

Case: Mind Your Feet

Mind Your Feet - Copenhagen Footcare is a therapist in foot care, which is located in Copenhagen.

See our casesMind Your Feet

For Mind Your Feet we have set up a nice page with our standard design, which can be customized in many ways and look completely different from customer to customer.

Mind Your Feet manages the content of the page via our user-friendly administration

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