19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

Our Flex4B system gives you, as a therapist, the opportunity to get a super nice page at a good price, without all the technical hassle.

Website as you wish

As a therapist, you will probably prefer to focus on your area of treatment. So you do not want to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with a lot of techniques to set up your website. And there we can provide a solution that simplifies the setup of your website, so you avoid a lot of hassle with technology.

We offer a CMS that is super easy to use for everyone, and if you do not want to spend time on it, we offer a managed system where we set up the site.

Website screens

We have basically 3 options within Website with CMS

1 We stand for everything
With our Managed system , we take care of everything - create designs and set content up further. You can then spend your time on the essentials of your business. We set it all up in our own CMS, which you also get access to - so if you want to change something yourself, then you still have the opportunity.

2: We set it up - you are responsible for updates
We set up your entire new page for you, so all pages are as you want them - content is set and everything is as it should be. Then you are responsible for the ongoing corrections in our user-friendly CMS - of course with the opportunity to get support along the way.

3: You can do it yourself
We set up the basic system for you and create a blank front page. Then you set up all the pages yourself as you wish. You can easily do this in our user-friendly CMS with drag and drop and where you can edit the content directly. There is of course the opportunity to get support along the way.

Website with CMS for therapists

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