Water park

19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

Our Flex4B system offers a complete solution, which includes both a website with CMS , webshop , ticket system and possibly a season ticket system should the need arise.

Ticket system for it all

With our ticket system, you get a system where many different types of tickets can be made - it can be, for example, one-day, specific dates, specific periods and many other types.

You can even make other products with barcodes - e.g. foods, menus and the like, which can be easily scanned in e.g. restaurant or kiosk.

With a Website, webshop and a ticket system with us, everything hangs together, and you can build a page with a separate shop, or let the products be an integral part of the page.

The tickets can be scanned in many ways - e.g. from any computer with a barcode scanner , from a mobile phone or from a POS (cash register system).

Water park

Ticket system for water park

Whether you are a large water park that has to sell tickets, or whether you are part of a resort with several activities does not matter. Our system of course supports that you can sell tickets both to the water park and all the other activities, if that is what you want.

Our system can even handle more locations, should there be a need for it, or if you are considering expanding in the long term.

The system that gets better

Our system is a SaaS (Software as a Service), and we place great emphasis on service. Your system will therefore be constantly updated, and the system therefore follows over time both on e.g. security and technical SEO.

But in addition to that, you also get continuously improved usability, new features and much more - without it costing you anything.

Should there be something that the system does not have, then our skilled programmers can make it for you.

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