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19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

If you work in a summer country or på other ways help to make decisions about which web system you should use in a summer country, such as; This blog post is definitely worth spending some time on. We have a system that offers the things you need. A system that is constantly getting better and a system that builds on experiences from other Theme Park customers.

We have a blog entry that describes some of the functions of the Flex4B system in general. Here you can see more about the general options. In this blog post, we will focus on; why it works well for a summer country, and we also have a page on our web page directed directly to Theme Park

All types of entry

We know that one of the most important things about your webshop is that it is easy and fast to buy tickets and season tickets, and that it must support many types of tickets.

You can sell many types of tickets, e.g. . 

  • Normal tickets
    • Så many kinds of wishes, e.g. general senior, child, etc.
  • Tickets for special dates/times
    • You choose e.g. period ticket, afternoon ticket, morning ticket, etc.
  • The ticket with a fixed date that the customer chooses when ordering
  • Group tickets with min. and max. no
    • Schools
    • Companies
    • Other groups
  • Enter with special information (for e.g. combi tickets)
  • First come, first served
  • Arrangements internal and external

Our ticket system is easy to use and can handle many things, such as the fact that a barcode can be used several times. If you buy, for example, 5 tickets, you have a barcode, and you can easily use 3 one day and 2 another day (as long as it is valid during the period). It is smart if a family e.g. come separately.

Theme park

The system scans lightning fast and provides good statistics, which you can read more about in the blog post linked at the bottom of this blog post.

The Flex4B system is extremely flexible and is a system for everything. This means e.g. that when you design pages in our CMS, so do you have the opportunity to insert products on; side, which you can throw directly into the shopping cart. You therefore do not have to go to a dedicated shop page first, and thus avoid making the extra clicks that would be required.

There is a full season card system, which allows you to sell via the shop, as well as handling season tickets for many different ways physically and electronically. We also have a system where customers can enter information themselves and take pictures for season tickets and which can be integrated with cards they have bought in Theme Parket via POS.

Other products and additional sales

We have a full webshop, which alsoå allows the purchase of many other types of products. It can, for example, be food and drink, merchandise, gift cards/gift certificates and many other things. it becomes part of the purchase process or it can also be can be purchased separately.

We have many functions that can contribute to additional sales, including dedicated plugins and integrations for external ones. Of course, we also have Plugins that run in can follow ads and get statistics such as Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. You can read more about this in the blog post linked to the bottom of this blog post.

Case: Summerland Zealand

Through the above, we have tried to give you the impression of why our system is the right choice for a summer country. But we will not let our word stå alone, and therefore we will of course also; would like to present a case with Theme Park Sjælland (Danish), which uses our system.

In order to understand; the situations that Theme Park Sjælland will face; We have been with them every season. In  we have made those connections and used our own system when the customers  rolled in.
At Dwevws, we have gained a unique understanding of what is important, and have made features that we only know are necessary for; due to the on-site experience we have gained. It is a practice we have observed with several customers, such as; we can ensure that our system is adapted to Kinder's business as best as possible.

All the experiences we have gained with all our customers - including Theme Park Sjælland - are the basis for the system we have today.

Theme Park Sjælland is now able to make thousands of seasonal cards as plastic cards, which was their wish, på an easy and smart way in which their customers do things and find it fun and interesting.

They can sell all their products online, from all types of tickets, transport and season passes to food products, merchandise and gift vouchers. Summerland Zealand is just a  of many cases - you can see more under cases about this one - here we alsoå collected many others to show how flexible our system is.

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