17 Dec 2016
17 Dec 2016

PHP is currently used on 77.6% of all web pages with server site programming language according to
This makes it by far the most used server side programming language in the world.

PHP has had its ups and downs, and had i.a. a downturn in recent years in the 10s where development had stalled a bit. In PHP 7.4 (28 November 2019) and especially PHP 8 (first version 26 November 2020), however, the development got underway again. There were a lot of new opportunities and the language was updated to today's standard in many areas. At the same time, performance was also greatly improved.

PHP is therefore strongly behind, and although in many cases other languages are also used, e.g. some of the javascript based, then there are pros and cons to both.

Does Flex4Business use PHP?

Flex4Business uses PHP wherever it makes sense in the Flex4B system . It ensures fast, stable and secure page with our self-developed framework. Usually we use the databases MySQL or MariaDB , which are large known databases used throughout the world by both large and small companies.
However, Flex4Business also uses javascript-based languages for those parts of the system where it makes the most sense.
We program object-oriented no matter what language we make parts of the system in, and are able to communicate with other systems and programs.

As a customer, you will not notice which language we use, but you can be sure that your web system is both future-proof and at the same time uses a proven and secure foundation, and that we make the right choices in terms of performance, security and user-friendliness - and that they are based on academic choices and not on which languages are hyper right now (which often changes).

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