MySQL / MariaDB

17 Dec 2016
17 Dec 2016

MySQL / MariaDB are databases that are used in backend coding to store data

Which databases does Flex4Business use?

MySQL and MariaDB are the 2 databases Flex4Business most often uses for web systems where relational databases are to be used.
In the few cases where relational databases are not needed, the NoSQL database MongoDB is most often used.

MySQL is probably the most widely used database for web-based systems, especially when using PHP at the same time. MySQL ensures, together with our programming, that speed, stability and security are top notch.
MariaDB is a relatively new branch of the MySQL database, managed by some of the original developers of MySQL, and builds on the same as MySQL.
Both platforms are further developed, and currently support the same things, but it offers the opportunity to go in several directions.

As a customer, you can be confident that your data is stored in a proven and secure database, which many large companies, with good reason, have had great confidence in for many years.

At Flex4Business, we also have our server security at the top, which you can also see at sikkerpå

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