New website online

17 Dec 2021
20 Dec 2022

Now came the day when our new web page finally is online. It has been underway for some time, as we have of course given our customers the highest priority.

Why new page?

We needed the site to be more about our  Flex4B system than about us as a company.. With the new page, there is full focus on our system, which contains CMS , webshop , ticket system and card system as well as on the products we offer in addition to it
You can now read much more about the system, see details, see cases (eg Sommerland Sj. And Old Irish Pub ) and much more.

In addition to this, the site also needed a more modern and brighter design. We have now tried to create this with the new page.

Last and perhaps most importantly, we should also have our own page in the new system, so we could also benefit from the ongoing updates, the good search engine optimization and in general all the new things that are in the Flex4B system.

New for current customers

Although by far most of our current customers are found in the Flex4B system itself, there has also been room for something for our customers (and for others). We have a blog which from the start is divided into 3 areas about Flex4Business and the Flex4B system.

  • Flex4B updates
    • Here you can read about all the new things that are constantly coming to the Flex4B system - many of them are even free.
  • Flex4Business news
    • Here you can read general news from Flex4Business.
  • Flex4B usage scenarios
    • Here we will focus on industries to which the system is adapted


We hope you enjoy the new page. If you have any questions or should you unexpectedly find errors or omissions, please feel free to contact us

Of course, we continue to work on the new site making it better and better over time.