Microsoft partner

7 Dec 2016
7 Dec 2016

Flex4Business is a Microsoft partner in order to offer the best service to the customers who use Microsoft's platform in their daily lives.

What Micrsoft products does Flex4Business offer?

We offer the following Microsoft products at Flex4Business

  • Office 365
    • Office packages
    • Teams
    • Sharepoint
    • Backup
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • RDS

We only offer the above Microsoft products as a complete package together with the Flex4B system .

We offer several of the products through partners who have technicians available who specialize in Microsoft products. It is a conscious choice as our focus area is primarily on the Flex4B system.

To buy email, Office 365 and possibly RDS through Flex4Business makes it easier for you as a customer, as you then only have one partner you have to call if there should be something. At the same time, it also means that we can easily and simply optimize emails so that they can send from the website and so that it works without problems. We have a super good partner agreement which means that we are not more expensive than if you buy it elsewhere.

Because we are also a Microsoft partner, Flex4Business has access to courses etc. which ensures we can stay up to date and provide the best service and support when our customers need help with web systems, even if it is not our system that provides the error.
If you have your Microsoft products with us, we can therefore help if challenges arise.

Of course, Flex4Business search engine optimization also includes web pages for well-known search engines such as Microsoft Bing and Google and more.

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