Google SEO

17 Jun 2017
3 Dec 2022

Search engine optimization is important

Everyone finds their information online today, and typically through Google. Therefore, it is extremely important to search engine optimize pages.
We make most systems from scratch, and here we can ensure the full search engine optimization of your particular page, as we can set everything up and are not dependent on plugins and modules that do not always deliver it all.

This way we can ensure you a top position on Google and other search engines such as. Bing, if search engine optimization is important for the system you need.

We ensure that all the technical aspects of the Flex4B system are in place (basic seo, onsite optimization, speed, etc.), and are also happy to help with link building, trust, etc. (offsite).
In addition, we can help with the content on the page (keyword analysis and content), so that you can ensure a top position.


Google Partner

We are not a Google partner because it's about being Adwords certified, and it requires a spend on Adwords of approx. DKK 70,000 over 90 days.
Adwords is Google's ads that can be purchased at the top of search results, and on other pages of ads. It has nothing to do with search engine optimization of web pages, but should be seen more as a supplement to getting traffic or achieving goals through purchased ads. Often it is communication agencies without programmers and designers who are responsible for this. They can simultaneously help with texts, proofreading, etc.

We technically set up Adwords for our customers, but we are not an Adwords ad communications agency. Our primary focus is to create custom web systems (design and programming) and search engine optimize these. We often use partners in the form of communication agencies for the adwords task and word processing, and therefore we are not a Google Partner.

But despite that, Google is probably the company we have the greatest focus on, as we know how important it is to get a good ranking, and therefore we follow more from Google and often have contact with them.

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