Web solution for agencies

21 Jan 2022
20 Dec 2022

Flex4Business has made our popular Flex4B system ready to be sold by agencies that do not focus on the technical and do not want the challenges that may follow.

With the Flex4B system, Flex4Business offers a solution where we take care of the technical and you can focus on what you are best at - and at the same time still make money as we have good agreements for agencies.

What is our offer?

A web system that knows everything you need, and where we provide the technical and support for you, or your end customer (your choice).

The system has i.a.

In addition, there are a lot of plugins that expand the system with a sea of possibilities, and we have the opportunity to expand it to your customers' needs.

You do not need to include all elements as the system is flexible - small customers use e.g. often only CMS

Who is the target group?

The solution is offered to agencies or agency-like. companies that are typically within

  • Communication
  • SoMe
  • Design and web design
  • Marketing

But if you're in another industry where it makes sense to you, please finally contact us so we can talk about it.

The system is of course ready and supports everything e.g. designers, SoMe, SEO and marketing experts need - e.g.

Want to know more about the agency solution

There are several ways you can get more information