Flex4B for agencies

19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

We offer a web solution for agencies such as contains full CMS, webshop, ticket system and card system. They can be resold by the agencies as a combined solution or separately. They provide the opportunity to sell for sale; customers with a simple site and large customers with greater needs. At the same time, we have a lot of plugins that provide new smart functionality.

Who is the target group?

If you as an agency eg. company (including design, communication and SoMe) are tired of technical challenges with websites, open source and the like, such as; we have the solution that allows you to get rid of all the hassle

We are responsible for that and give you the opportunity to do what you do best. This means, among other things:

  • We keep the system up to date
  • Technical SEO is kept up to date
  • We ensure high security
  • Greatly improved usability
  • There is constant new functionality and options, some of which are completely free
  • You have access to good support
  • We can extend the system to a customer if necessary

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What about the customers?

We are very flexible, and we offer both solutions where we invoice you and where you yourself are responsible for all customer contact, as well as solutions where your customers are invoiced directly and can get support directly with us.
It is entirely up to you, and depends on your wishes

We enter into a written agreement for the benefit of both parties, and are on no way out to take over your customers. Our focus is on the technical, and we may even contribute more customers to you in your areas.

We believe in; that we can help each other.

What about earnings?

You have the opportunity to earn on the areas you are best at, and can we handle the technical stuff.
Our system offers good opportunities for both to earn on web design, communication, SoMe, Marketing and much more.
Of course we have plugins for things you as a marketing agency need, such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel), Adroll and more, and it doesn't cost extra.

We have good prices, and often the agencies will find they earn something more than before, because they can focus 100% on the things they are good at, and contemporaries can make money atå our system and its use.

As an agency, you have full control, and in our administration you can manage everything, and it is up to you whether your end customer gets access to the administration, and in particular; fall to which parts of the administration.
In other words, you are completely in control

What can the system do?

The system consists of 4 large elements - CMS, webshop, ticket system and card system.
You can easily sell e.g. CMS alone or CMS and webshop alone, så it can always be adapted to the customer's needs, and of course you only pay for what you need.
In addition, there are a large number of plugins that provide a lot of different functionality.

You can easily; see much more about the system at links below
Read more about the Flex4B system in general
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Support and flexibility

If there were to arise; some problems soå we are ready to help, and you therefore need not worry - not even when your customer comes with an urgent matter.
We offer special support agreements for agencies.

Our system is also super flexible, soå if you have a customer who wants something that is not in the system, such as is there a possibility that we can make it for them, and you can always få a fixed price before.

Switch from Wordpress and other open source

We have many people who switch from Wordpress, Magento and other open source systems to Flex4B, and there is a good reason for that.

As an agency, you get the following advantages for you and your end customer

  • No technical challenges such as
    • Updates and incompatibilities
    • Plugins that are no longer updated
    • Hacked page
    • Unsafe plugins
    • Plugins that violate GDPR
    • Små things that don't work and can't be made
    • Problems when customers have specific needs
  • Good and competent support
    • We have developed our system and can help with everything
    • You can feel safe in all situations
  • Always updated system
    • You don't have to do anything. We keep it updated and secure
  • Continuous improvements
    • We improve the solution to the problem; technical SEO, ease of use and much more
  • New functions
    • There are constantly new free features that provide satisfied customers
  • Many options
    • The system contains CMS, webshop, ticket system and card system
    • There are a large number of plugins
    • There are good opportunities for creativity in designs
    • Many languages, e.g. Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and Dutch
    • If the customer has special ø wishes, we can make it
  • Better adaptation to the Danish market
  • Opportunity to focus on what you are best at

Many therefore experience greater security when they switch from Wordpress, Magento, etc. for the Flex4B system.

Read more and contact us

We hope you may be interested and look forward to hearing from you

In addition to this blog post, we have a "sales page" with the possibility of agencies where you alsoå can contact us without obligation