Font Awesome Icons

12 Nov 2021
20 Dec 2022

Font Awesome in Flex4B system

We have chosen to purchase the Pro version of the Font Awesome for the Flex4B system so that we can use all the many thousands of icons they offer. This means they are available in our CMS , webshop , ticket system , etc.
This helps us to make the system nicer and more user-friendly for you.

In our backend on the Flex4B system, we have chosen to use the light version of the icons, as it matches our design line as best as possible.

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is basically a font that contains icons. However, as it has evolved, it has become far more than that.

Font Awesome was originally made by Dave Gandy in its original form, and he made it so it could be used with Bootstrap , and to this day it is often still used with Bootstrap.

Font Awesome came in version 1 on December 7, 2017 and at that time had 1278 icons.
Font Awesome 6 is the latest version, which is still in beta while this blog post is written (12 / 11-2021), contains a free and a paid version just like Font Awesome 5.
The free version has about 2000 icons, while the paid version has about 16,000 icons.
The icons in version 6 are divided into the categories: Solid, Regular, Light, Thin and Duotone, and in addition there is a category for brand icons - typically logos for well-known companies.