Bootstrap framework

15 Sept 2021
20 Dec 2022

There are many different frameworks that you can choose to use. We tell here about our choices.

Why use Flex4Business Boostrap?

At Flex4Business, we have chosen to use Bootstrap , and we are constantly upgrading to the latest version. so all options are available.

We had many considerations when we had to choose the Front-end framework, and were about many different, including Bulma, Foundation, Semantic, Tailwind mv. We tried several, read about them and researched them in relation to what we were going to use them for.

We were actually on our way to a different framework than Bootstrap, as we wanted it not to be dependent on JQuery. But when Bootstrap chose it from in version 5, we ended up back on it.
We know that Bootstrap is stable, works on all devices, we can see it is kept up to date, there are many who use it, it has the things we need and last but not least, it does not have a lot of extras that we do not need.

At the same time, it provides some opportunities to make some well-known and proven modules for CMS.