Activity parks

19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

If you have an activity park with e.g. various outdoor or indoor activities that require the purchase of tickets, then we have the perfect system for you.

Whether you sell entrance tickets, or whether you pay per. activity, then our system gives you the opportunity to have a great website, a user-friendly webshop and a super flexible way to validate tickets. There are also good expansion options in the system, as it is scalable, and we have i.a. also a season pass / annual pass system.

In addition to this blog post, we also have a page dedicated to activity parks on our website - here you can e.g. also see a case.

Tickets for your activities

Our system allows you to easily and simply sell many types of tickets from a super user-friendly webshop. This means that regardless of whether you sell tickets at the entrance, or whether you sell access to the individual activities, you will be able to sell it from your own website.

Many different ticket types are supported, and they can of course have different validity, just as it is easy to make e.g. children and adult tickets.

As an activity park, you can both sell tickets for an entrance, or you can sell tickets for events, and even the individual rides if desired. Our system is flexible and offers all options for ticket sales, and also for selling additional services.

Activity park illustration

Our ticket system makes it super easy to scan the tickets. You can scan in several ways:

  • From any computer with barcode scanner and internet
  • From a POS system (requires integration)
  • From a smartphone with the built-in camera

Whatever method you use, the system will validate, set tickets as use, give good message and make good statistics.

Website with CMS

In addition to a webshop and ticket system, a user-friendly and always updated CMS is also included. It makes it possible to create a delicious website where the shop can be integrated 100%, if desired.

It is a modern solution with drag and drop and where you work directly in the content.

QR code options in CMS

Our CMS even provides opportunities to create pages with associated QR codes. That way you can set up QR codes around, and then people can come to a page you design with e.g. text, images or video that matches what your guests are scanning.


Of course, our system is also optimized for marketing. There is the possibility of landing pages, additional sales, automated marketing module and much more. Of course we also have plugins for marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager , Google Analytics , Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook pixel), Adroll etc.

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