Websystem for pubs

Great website, shop for events and tTcket Management System

Web system and Ticket Management System for pubs


If you own a single pub or a pub chain, we can make a delicious website for you that you can maintain yourself. At the same time, you can sell, for example, tickets for Christmas lunch, events, etc. if you have that type of offer.

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How can pubs benefit from our system?

If you have one or more pubs, we can offer a system that makes it easy to deal with the web part.

Our CMS makes it easy to create and maintain a web page and there are no limitations in design options. We can do it as you wish, hitting your target audience.
We keep it updated and ensure top search engine optimization ensuring you will always be found in a search.

If you need more than one page, you can easily add webshop and 
Ticket Management System so you can sell, for example, Christmas lunches, New Year's events, tickets to football matches and much more.

We offer easy scanning of tickets e.g. via mobile phone so it can be used anywhere.

Read more in our blog posts

Case: Old Irish Pub

The Old Irish Pub has many pubs in Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain. We setup all their websites, and are also responsible for their sale of tickets to e.g. Christmas lunch, New Year, October party and other events.

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Whether you have a single pub or a pub chain with many pubs, we know many of the challenges you face, and may already have solutions for them.

We can customize the solutions to suit your needs, and can provide both a website, webshop and smart ticket management

Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

"Price vs. quality are perfectly mathced and with regards to the service level there is nothing to complain about . Everything is handled in no time."
Peder Blak, Old Irish Pub

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