Web system for sheltered housing for young people

Website adapted to the needs of companies that are offering sheltered housing for young people.

Websystem for companies that are offering sheltered housing for young people.

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As company that are offering sheltered housing for young people., you can get a super nice website with plugins tailored to your needs - including a plugin that shows the offers you have.

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How can companies that are offering  sheltered housing for young people benefit from our system?

With the Flex4B system, you get a system where heltered housing are thought into the system.

We have several customers in this area, and are happy to make pages that are adapted 100% to your wishes and needs, so that it best matches your target group, and is adapted to them. This means we can easily think in several target groups, such as. young people and municipalities when we design it with you.

Our CMS makes it easy to update the page, add content and thus ensure that both the citizens you are dealing with and the public authority can find everything they need.

We have modules adapted to living and accommodation places, e.g. module for setting up housing offers, and there is a lot of special information that can be added e.g. in relation to paragraphs and the like.

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Case: Samala

Samala offers dormitories with support in three levels, accommodation for children and young people, as well as housing and STU. Samala has extensive experience with socially disadvantaged children, young people and adults with mental challenges.

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Samala has got a web page adapted to their wishes for design, and which matches the requirements that have been for displaying offers, sorting and options that support the paragraphs to which they belong.

Samala has added several plugins that support their work, and has several products with us.

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