Hans L. S. Revsbæk

Quality Assurance and Back-Office

Hans is responsible for quality assurance of texts, language, back-office, etc. and contributes to administrative tasks.

 Hans Revsbæk

 +45 69 10 12 14



Who am I?

My name is Hans L. S. Revsbæk, and I am responsible for quality assurance and back-office here in the company.

I have had a long and varied career in IT and administration, which has given me a wide range of competencies that I bring to the table every day. I have experience with quality assurance, which involves ensuring the quality of our texts, language, customer agreements, and customer service, as well as contract administration.

One of my core competencies is project management. From my previous roles at NNIT and Hewlett-Packard (after merger with DEC and Compaq), I have gained solid experience in handling IT infrastructure projects, IT outsourcing contracts, and service delivery. These experiences have been invaluable in ensuring that our projects run smoothly.
As a back-office employee, I handle a variety of office tasks, including contract administration, which is a natural extension of my previous roles and my education. I have a background in management and public administration from P&T DK, and I am a certified Prince2 Registered Practitioner and have a Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. I am also a Certified Business Economist specializing in organizational studies and the like.

When I'm not at work, you can often find me with my family. We love to spend time together both at home and on trips, and it is one of my greatest joys in life. Besides that, I have a passion for investing in stocks. I spend a lot of time studying the markets and learning new strategies, which I find both challenging and rewarding. Lastly, I also play golf about once a week in the summer season.



Prince2 Registered Practitioner

Foundation Certificate in IT-Service Management

Specialized Business Studies, Organisation


Management and public administration.


Project Manager at NNIT. Specialized in IT Infrastructure Projects

Digital, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard
Client Manager at Digital, continued at Compaq when they took over, and at HP when they took over. Responsible for IT outsourcing contracts and delivery of services.

H. Lundbech A/S
Operations Management


Quality Assurance
With vast experience and knowledge in customer agreements, customer service, contracts etc., I can help ensure high quality standards are maintained

Project Management

With solid experience in project management from several previous employers, I can help ensure that projects run smoothly.


I assist with office tasks, contracts, and similar where it makes sense in relation to my experience


I enjoy spending time with my family


I invest in stocks and consider it a significant interest, dedicating a substantial amount of time to it

I love traveling with my family.

I enjoy playing golf at a casual level about once a week during the summer months