We support Knæk Cancer 2020

9 Sept 2020
9 Sept 2020

For the 5th year in a row, we support "Knæk Cancer" (Danish organization againgst cancer) with DKK 10,000, and hope that you all, both private and business, will support the campaign on


At Flex4Business, we support "Knæk cancer" (Danish organization againgst cancer) and Hjertegalla (Danish organization against heart diseases) every year with fixed amounts. In addition, we are also happy to help other places where we can. So if you have something that you think we should support, you are always welcome to contact Flex4Business

Please note that although we would like to, we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to support everyone, so we hope for your understanding if we can not help, and wish you good luck in getting support elsewhere.

What is Crack Cancer?

"Knæk Cancer" is a recurring event that comes once a year and aims to support the fight against cancer in their work to fight cancer, and help all those affected by the terrible disease.

"Knæk Cancer" is broadcast on TV2 and is a fundraising show where the focus is on helping research against cancer, and becoming wiser about how the treatment of cancer can be improved. At the same time, there is also a focus on helping people with cancer, survivors and others affected by the terrible disease.
The show is built on the serious topic, but with a focus on the good in that we stand together to fight cancer.

"Knæk Cancer" is made together with i.a. TV2, and every year there are many individuals and companies that support it.