TechSmith software

30 Aug 2021
20 Dec 2022

At Flex4Business, we have chosen to use TechSmith software to develop our video tutorials for the Flex4B system ( CMS , webshop , ticket system and card system ), and to help our customers in support.

We have chosen this to ensure that we can provide our customers with good and not least visual help.
We use Camtasia for video and Snagit for screenshots and explanations.

What is Camtasia and Snagit?

Camtasia is a video program where you can record the screen. It has a lot of smart features to choose what to update, option for different types of overlay, sound control and much more.
In addition, an editor has to edit what you have recorded which allows you to zoom, insert elements, cut and much more. It is effective and you can quickly edit a video that has been made.

Snagit is a small program that can take small screenshots and video clips. It allows you to add elements such as arrows, numbers and much more afterwards. It makes it great for making quick small guides or guided pictures.