Summer 2023

28 Jun 2023
4 Feb 2024

Flex4Business has staff available throughout the summer, so you will always have access to help if the need arises – even in July where most danish people are on holidays

If you cannot get in touch with your usual contact person, you can call us on 69 10 12 14, where another employee will be ready to help you.
We also have programmers available during the summer holidays, so if you need help with programming or have to do something new, you will always be able to get hold of an expert.

You are always welcome to contact our support team directly via our customer support page or by calling +45 69 10 12 14.
We are ready to help you with any questions or challenges.

Always quick response

If you use our Helpdesk in the Flex4B system, you will always get a quick answer as we receive notifications here and there is usually someone who is ready to answer