Presentation pages

19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

The Flex4B system contains many functions, but can be purchased in an affordable version perfectly suited for presentation pages and with a good opportunity to scale later on many fronts.

What is a presentation page?

A presentation page is really just a web page, which should present a company in the best possible way, but which does not contain, for example, a webshop or similar.

In many industries you see presentation pages used by craftsmen, therapists, small shops, lawyers, accountants and many, many other industries.

Easy to use

With a Flex4B system you get a CMS (Content Management System) which is easy to use - or in other words you can log in to an administration and easily create, edit and delete pages. No technical prerequisites are required. It can be used by anyone because it is a "drag and drop system" with ready-made content, which you can subsequently correct and change.

We have several customers who use it even if they do not feel they are technical.

If you are not so much for it, then we can also be responsible for all content so you can concentrate on what you are best at.

Free updated

One good thing about our system is that it is SaaS (Software as a Service), which means it is always kept up to date. This means that security is kept up to date, the system is completely up to date, all plugins are up to date.
That way we ensure it always works and runs optimally.

Free updates

We even go a step further and make sure

  • Continuously improved usability
  • Technical search optimization: We ensure the system is kept technically search optimized so you have the best conditions to get high on Google etc.
  • You get new features and improved usability for free. We can do this because all our customers run on the same system

Good support

With us you also get support that actually works. We give you a proper answer, and you always have someone who can actually help, and not just a call center or some cheap staff who pass the cases on.
We take pride in giving an answer that can get you on right away.

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