Plesk partner

17 Dec 2016
17 Dec 2016

As a customer, you will never see that we use Plesk on our servers, as we only have managed solutions.
But you can feel completely confident that we use one of the world's largest systems as management software on our stable and secure servers. The system has been thoroughly tested for many years, and is used by large companies all over the world. The system is used on more than 377,000 servers and hosts over 11 million web pages.
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Flex4Business' web hotels

Our servers and web hotels are all located in a secure data center with i.a.
- 24/7 monitoring
- Secured access and video surveillance
- Argon gas fire protection and fireproof rooms
- Redundant air conditioning to keep server temperatures down
- UPS power fuse
- Diesel generator in case of major power failure
- Several independent internet lines
- 340 GB backbone

Our servers / web hotels are also
- Supervised 24/7 by technical staff
- Have technicians present 24/7
- Has a good firewall
- Has RAID mirroring of data
- Has monitored safety and protection against e.g. DDOS
- Daily server backup to remote server
- Redundant power supply
- Never crowded, ensuring plenty of resources even during peak periods
- Only for systems made by Flex4Business (ensures stability)

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