Experience centers

19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

We have a super smart ticket system, which means that you can sell tickets regardless of whether you have an entry price or whether you buy experiences individually from you.

We have a page on our website for experience centers where you can see more.

Website, webshop and ticket system

The Flex4B system gives you a full CMS (content management system), where you can manage your entire website via an administration, see statistics and much more. Our CMS is super modern with drag and drop, the ability to correct what you see and which has all the facilities that you know from a modern CMS.

In addition, we offer an integrated webshop and an integrated ticket system. It allows you to sell many types of tickets, such as. may be age-restricted, valid for specific periods and more. Whether an entrance ticket gives access to all experiences with you, or whether you buy a ticket for each experience does not matter, as our system easily supports both.
Tickets are validated via barcodes such as can be code128 or QR codes and it is completely safe and reliable


There are good opportunities to scan tickets e.g. via:

  • All computers with internet and barcode scanner
  • POS (if integrated)
  • Smartphones (uses camera in phone)

The system is thus extremely flexible and does not necessarily require hardware purchases.

At the same time we have a super good support where you always get proper answers to your questions, and if you want us to take care of everything, we offer a Managed system


You can read more on the page that generally deals with the Flex4B system - here there are also links to CMS and webshop etc.

You are also very welcome to contact us if you want a meeting or have questions. We are happy to provide a free and non-binding offer