Online ticket system

19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

Flex4B is a super flexible online web system that contains i.a.

Online ticket system

The Flex4B system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system which offers a good solution for everyone who needs an online ticket system where webshop, website and possibly season ticket system is integrated into each other.

As it is a SaaS system, you are always sure it is up-to-date, and we even continuously give you new features and options for free without you having to do anything.

Options in ticket system

Our online ticket system offers a lot of options.
You can sell tickets through that webshop, and scan the tickets at the entrance via e.g.

  • Smartphone (camera in smartphone)
  • POS (cash register system)
  • Computer with barcode scanner
  • Devices with integrated scanner

The system is therefore extremely flexible and can be used from everything to fixed entrances to parks and to events such as festivals, markets and much more.
Due to the smartphone option, it can even be used for small events.


Validation with ticket system

The system supports many different types of tickets, and almost anything is possible.

The system can validate them all, and can also be validated according to standard things like number, date and time.
Good feedback is always given and you can see the last scans that have been made.

The system is 100% secure and completely stable. There is the possibility of several barcode formats e.g. code128 and QR

The system also contains comprehensive statistics, so you can see how many have been scanned divided into groups, products and much more.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to hear more about our ticket system, contact Flex4Business - we always give a quick answer