NPM package manager

20 Aug 2021
20 Dec 2022

NPM is used by more than 11 million developers around the world, and is a package manager for Node JavaScript.
It is the largest software registry in the world with over 800.000 code packages.

It is not something you as a customer or user of our system will notice, but just a tool we use in the development process.

What is NPM used for?

NPM gives us a number of options, not least when we need to integrate other code.

When we use frameworks, for example, we can easily install the frameworks we use in the system and keep them updated. NPM also allows us to use other things such as. SCSS and the like.

It can be controlled via a command line, and via the programs in which it is integrated - it can be programming IDEs.

NPM is a secure service where code is scanned for any vulnerabilities or other dangerous things. At Flex4Business, we also perform a validation of the things we use in the Flex4B system , and we seek to keep it to a minimum and to large recognized products. We also make sure to update the packages we use so that they are up-to-date, which contributes to the security of the individual packages.
Most of the things we use via NPM are only used in construction processes, and are thus not something that comes up with customers on the final systems.

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